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EU-funded Fisheries Project Completes CMA Establishment -As NaFAA Commends EJF for the implementation

The Environmental Justice Foundation, (EJF) an International Fisheries NGO in Liberia has completed the establishment of the Collaborative Management Association (CMA) in four of Liberia’s nine Coastal counties in collaboration with the National Fisheries and Aquaculture Authority.

It can be recalled; the establishment of Collaborative Management Association in Liberia grew out of the decision to include communities in the management of the fisheries sector. To implement the decision, the Government through the than West Africa Regional Fisheries Project chose to empower fishing communities with the capacity to better manage local fishery resources and become active participants in the process of inclusive and sustainable development. Particularly, support was provided to community-based fishery management by working with national and local fishermen associations, facilitating their establishment, and helping with bylaw development, rights recognition through policy and local authority, and empowering the local communities with skills and better knowledge.

The CMA will also strive to eliminate destructive, illegal, and non-regulated fishing practices through effective enforcement of local fishing by-laws, national regulation, acts and policies.

However, the CMA is also to promote awareness in all fishing communities for compliance by fishermen for the full implementation of the Co-management plans in accordance with the principles and objectives set out in National Fisheries Regulation, Management Plans, Acts and Policies

The EJF has established the Collaborative Management Association (CMA) in Grand Kru, Grand Bassa, Margibi  and Grand Cape Mount counties under the Communities for Fisheries Project with support from European Union.

According to EJF, a total of 63 fishing Communities in the four coastal counties are part of the established Collaborative management Association in those coastal counties.

The latest established CMAs are in Grand Cape Mount County involving a total of 24 Communities while Grand Kru, Grand Bassa and Margibi counties CMAs comprises of 39 Communities.

Grand Cape Mount County CMAs are established in three regions with region one composing of 15 Communities including fanti town, kru town, UP town, Tortor , Sambehum, Latia. Tallah/Sweet Land, Sass Town. Kpallan. Kebah. Bowela, Kamanon. Kuima weima, and Saywelor.

Also, region two comprises of six fishing Communities including Bomie, falie, Manoe, Bombojah. Formah and Bendu. And the third Region has a total of three Communities including Tailor Kru Town, Tailor and Sowie.

Presenting a background of the Communities for Fisheries in four Liberia’s coastal counties, EJF’s West Africa Regional Manager, calls for the collective involvement of all Grand Cape Mount Citizens including officials, private citizens, fishermen and fishmongers for the success of the three CMAs established to govern fisheries activities.

Mr. Cephas Asare said everyone needs to join forces to ensure that the operations of the CMAs is successful by rallying their support toward the established fisheries bodies for the sustainability of the Liberian Fisheries sector.

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