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LIBERIA: Montserrado District 10 Lawmaker, Yekeh Kolubah Vows To Kill President Weah’s Followers If….

Flash Back: L/R: President Weah and Lawmaker. Yekeh Kolubah

Montserrado County District 10 Representative Yekeh Kolubah has strongly warned alleged followers of President George M. Weah are ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) that he is ready to retaliate if followers from the CDC attack him again.

The tough-talking lawmaker told newsmen yesterday that he will kill anyone from the CDC who goes into his district and attack him.

Rep. Kolubah said, “I will not take this anymore. Anybody who attacks me I will kill them!”

The Montserrado County District 10 lawmaker’s statement came following yesterday’s alleged attack on his life in the district.

The district was a scene of chaos when the ruling party Youth Chairman, Emmanuel Johnson allegedly led thugs parading singing battle cries allegedly attacking the lawmaker.

It has been said that the CDC’s Youth Chairman has gone to register for the NEC voting card when the attack happened.

Officers of the Liberia National Police were deployed in the district to calm the situation. But the lawmaker saw the police deployment as nothing, calling the police partisans police.

Rep. Kolubah, an ex-combatant has alleged he is not being protected by the Liberia National Police – for that, he said he will protect himself against attackers from CDC who want to assassinate him.

“I don’t trust the police anymore under Inspector General Patrick Sudue,” said Rep. Kolubah.

Further, in the lawmaker’s interaction with newsmen, he called on the international community, especially U.S. Embassy in Monrovia to come to his aid because his life and that of his family has been allegedly threatened by President Weah.

October 10, 2023, general and presidential elections are months away; and the National Elections Commission (NEC) currently conducting its voter registration process for Montserrado County.

It has been alleged that the ruling party is trucking people, allegedly foreigners in the lawmaker’s district to have them register for the NEC’s voting card.

Sources within the ruling CDC have said that party is desperate to unseat Rep. Kolubah because of the lawmaker’s uncompromising posture on the CDC-led administration and President Weah.

A few months into the Weah-led administration’s ascendency, Rep. Kolubah has been explosive against the Weah’s style of leadership, especially on alleged corruption by the Liberian leader.

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