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LIBERIA: A Resident Of District #6 Boost Road Network -Paves 6km Road from Thinker Village To Zubah Town

Ambassador Otis Harris

In an effort to support the Government of Liberia’s Pro-poor Agenda for Prosperity and Development (PAPD), a resident of Montserrado County Electoral District #6 has completed the pavement of a six kilometers road connecting Thinker’s Village to Zubah Town, GSA Roads.

Ambassador Otis C. Harris, a private citizen who dreams for a better Liberia, has dedicated himself to execute the mandate of President George M. Weah’s PAPD agenda; which places roads connectivity at the height and is enshrined in Pillar-Two of the policy framework paper which is replete within the socio-economic policy prescriptions necessary for Liberia’s road sector.

The newly paved road which connects various communities in Paynesville have significantly reduced travel time on the RIA road, and increased vehicular movement along those routes.

“The first thing I want to make clear here is that, I am not a politician, I don’t have interest in contesting for any political position, I am an humanitarian, I believe the people of these communities deserve such relief. In other countries; citizens help the Government to carry on development, Government cannot do everything, we the citizens should also help our communities, therefore, as a Liberian and a resident of this district, it is prudent to undertake such initiative,” Amb. Harris said.

He added: “Since the beginning of the RIA road project, I noticed the congestion of traffic; therefore, I decided to carry on this project so as to help find alternative for vehicles and also road access for residents of those communities,”

According to him, the connection of the road has given the people a shorter time to get to their destinations and also help improved businesses along that way which will bring lot of changes in improving the livelihood of the people.

However, he has assured residents, of the installations of streetlights on the road in order as to provide security. He said road connectivity is a conduit to complement the efforts of the Government of Liberia to provide the needs for the citizens.

It’s well established that roads and other infrastructural spending may take significantly long time to yield economic results. However, reliable and well-maintained roads can increase the productivity of the workforce by moving goods more efficiently.

Meanwhile, many residents of the communities have expressed their gratitude for the newly connected roads.

“My name is Agnes Tyler, I have been in this community for the last 10 years, and we have been struggling with roads for years to get to work, marketplaces and even neighboring communities most especially rainy time, the construction of this road have brought us a massive relief, I like to appreciate the person that did this,”

“This is answer to the masses call; this is a great joy for us, we have been yearning for this and our calls have been answered.  I haven’t seen Ambassador Otis Harris, I  heard and read about him, he is a great humanitarian, I like to appreciate him for what he has done, “  Tugbeh Johnson, a resident of Thinker Village. 

For her part, oldma. Kebbeh Yaoh, 78, says the road is a dawn of a new day and she believes it will help improve commercial activities within the vicinities and pedestrians will have free movement.  

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