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Amid Family’s Outcry, Pathologist Kolee Speaks Of Charloe Musu ‘Provisional Cause of Death’

The late Charloe Musu

One of the government pathologists, Benedict Kolee has provisionally announced the ‘cause of death’ of the daughter of former Chief Justice Cllr. Gloria Musu Scott, who reportedly died from multiple stabbing wounds following an attack on the home of the former Chief Justice in Brewerville some time ago.

Speaking to journalists Tuesday March 21, 2023 following the conduct of an autopsy on the body of the late Charloe Musu in the presence of about 20 persons, including two family members, human rights groups, civil society organization among others, Pathologist Kolee said he was releasing what he called ‘a provisional cause death of Charloe Musu’ until the final determination is made after scientific examination on the body was done with the final results set to come out in two weeks.

According to him, the late Charloe Musu died as a result of excessive loss of blood from a raptured left or right artery that caused massive hemorrhage which went on to suppress her left lungs from functioning properly. “She lost so much blood on the inside and outside after a piercing below her left rib which cut one of the arteries that made blood to flow in the chest leading to collapse of her left lungs,” Pathologist Kulee told journalists.

He however clarified that due to the interest in the pathological outcome, he was releasing what he called ‘a provisional cause of death report’ pending the final outcome after conducting a scientific exercise on the deceased body.

Commenting on the process, Pathologist Kolee stated the exercise was very laborious and was witnessed by about 20 persons, including two family members of the deceased, human rights organizations, law enforcement officers, civil society among others.

Quizzed on how reliable the outcome of the autopsy conducted by him and the other pathologist, he said their work will speak for them. “For reliability, our work will speak for us. What we did was scientific as our work will speak for us,” Pathologist Kolee told journalists.

It can recalled the home of former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Liberia, Cllr. Gloria Musu Scott was attacked on three separate occasions by unknown assailant (s) for reasons that have never been established by the Liberia National Police (LNP) and other law enforcement agencies.

On the first and second attacks, Justice Scott alarmed and reported to the LNP and the Ministry of Justice that her home was attacked on two separate occasions, but no items were stolen. The police later admitted to the former Chief Justice’s assertion following public pressure and they had institute an investigation before the third attack took place that reportedly led to the murder of her daughter, Charloe Musu.

Following the third incident, former chairman of the erstwhile Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC), Cllr. Jerome Verdier made startling revelations that the third attack on Justice’s Scott home was carried out by one Varlee Telleh, who according to Cllr. Verdier served as Operations officer at the Monrovia City Police detail, under the direct mastermind of Monrovia City Mayor Jefferson Koijee.

Following Cllr. Verdier’s revelation, the LNP invited Mayor Koijee and MCC policemen patrol man, Varlee Telleh for questioning to determine their alleged involvement as was claimed by for the former TRC chairman. In the end, Cllr. Arthur Johnson, lead counsel for Mayor Koijee and patrolman Telleh, told the media their clients were only questioned about their whereabouts during the incident that occurred at the former Chief Justice home, which they responded to properly, and at the end the police did not find any probable cause to press charges.

Few days later, Cllr. Johnson acting on behalf of his clients stated that he would a lawsuit in the US to compel Cllr. Verdier to come forth and prove his allegations against his clients.

A the same time, the Police had embarked a public relations campaign that the former Chief Justice, Cllr. Gloria Musa Scott was not cooperating with the police, but only to be debunked by the luminary former Chief Justice, that since the three attacks on her home, she adequately informed the Liberia National Police, the Ministry of Justice but was surprised that the police would paint a different picture to the public as though she is not a profound lawyer who knows what it means when it comes to investigation. After public condemnation, the police gave in and did admit that Cllr. Scott did cooperate with the investigation, as was stated by Deputy Police Inspector General for Crime Services, Prince Mulbah on state radio.

Fast forward, the family of the former Chief Justice did issue a public statement taking the government to task by trying to implicate the victims as perpetrators of the crime and also said the government had announced an autopsy without getting in touch with the family, so they found it had to comprehend. They wonder whether there was something under the sleeves of the government that the family did not know.

But in the end an autopsy was on Tuesday, March 21 conducted on the body of the late Charloe Musu, a prospective graduate of the Starz College, but met her untimely death following an attack on the home of her mother, former Chief Justice Cllr. Gloria Musu Scott.

Now that the Pathologist Kolee has given what he calls ‘a provisional cause of death’ of Charloe Musu, Liberians are anxiously awaiting the final result expected in two weeks after the scientific autopsy on the body of the late Charloe Musu. The bookmakers are waiting and watching….

Credit: IPNEWS

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