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Letters to the Editor, Oct. 26, 2023

Thursday letters to the editor.
Thursday letters to the editor. Photo by Illustration /TORONTO SUN


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Fuel costs are used as one of the main reasons for the high cost of food. If true, then grocers should stop with the ‘save a few cents if you buy more than one given item,’ for all that does is empty a store shelf faster; therefore, more shipments are required to restock that shelf, thus more fuel is used. Just lower the cost per item so everyone enjoys a savings.

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Don Ruttan                                                                                                                                                           Cobourg

(And the Liberals could get rid of the carbon tax, which adds to fuel costs and gets passed on to consumers)


Why do people want Trudeau to leave? You want him to bail on his terms and then be hailed as a hero to Liberals and his disillusioned supporters? No! Do not take away my God-given right to watch him be humiliated in the next election. I want to see him lead the Liberals into oblivion, like Wynne did in Ontario. I want to see his cronies lose their seats and disappear forever. Please do not take that away from me!

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Rick Dwornikiewicz                                                                                                                                               Delhi, Ont.

(We are quite certain he’s going to stick around — so your wish to see him humiliated will hopefully be granted)


Whether it be provincial, federal, municipal services, internet providers, banks, insurance companies or walk-in medical clinics, there is either a written or verbal announcement that coarse, abusive, insulting and threatening language will not be tolerated. I suggest some of us have short tempers that can be agitated by gross incompetence and abysmal customer service, which, in turn, gives rise to those prohibited behaviours. Perhaps an improved customer service experience would render such warnings redundant.

Howard Douglas Appt                                                                                                                              Niagara Falls

(That’s why the signs are there. But in fairness, most people are just trying to do their jobs and don’t deserve scorn)

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