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Good Weekend letters to the editor: September 30

September 30, 2023 — 6.00am


As a lucky subscriber to the Australian Chamber Orchestra, it was interesting to read the story about Satu Vanska’s amazing life [September 23]. Having attended the ACO concert Postcards from Italy recently with my granddaughter, their brilliance was on display, despite only six members of the orchestra performing. What a wonderful experience for my granddaughter.

Vicky Marquis
Glebe, NSW


Your article on long-term survivors of HIV/AIDS [September 23] brought back so many memories of living through the AIDS crisis. I moved to Melbourne from San Francisco at the beginning of 2022. I was diagnosed HIV positive in 1990 and doctors and medical staff told all of us the same story, to live life to the fullest, and enjoy life because we would all be dead in six months. I lost my partner of five years at the time, and more than 50 of my best friends, who I miss every day. When I read this article it reminded me of so many things I am thankful for today. I turned 71 this year. I have lived with HIV for 30+ years. Thank you for such a great article.

Mikael Wagner
Fitzroy, VIC

I found Robyn Davidson’s story about her mother haunting [September 23]. As she writes in her story, “my sister’s take on my mother’s story is so different from mine that it is as if we emerged from different wombs”. This is an important insight. It’s not unusual among siblings, brought up by the same parents, under the same roof, to have radically different perceptions of their mother or father. This often isn’t so much a case of not getting along with their parents – personality clashes – but of something more subtle and unforgiving: how the events of childhood, and our parents’ reactions to them, can be interpreted so differently, and forged into memories. There is a tendency now, more than ever, to blame our parents for our issues, to not see beyond the end of our own nose. The DNA of nearly all parents, when it boils down to its essence, is to want the best for their kids - even if they don’t always go the best way about it. Put simply, it ain’t easy being a parent.


Chris Brown
Erskineville, NSW


It is wonderful to have an update on Li Cunxin [September 23]. Long ago, I read about his amazing life in his book Mao’s Last Dancer, detailing his hard childhood training for the ballet in China, and his escape into a contrasting life in America. Later, he married Mary, and moved to Australia, where he became artistic director of the Queensland Ballet. His philosophy of life is to be genuine, positive and empathic. At 62, he looks great. I hope he and Mary recover their health and enjoy retirement, including their “worthy projects”.

Barbara Fraser
Burwood, VIC


I feel a heavy weight of curd lifted from my shoulders after reading Terry Durack’s piece [September 23]. As a late 20-something female, burrata is a crowd favourite among my peers and the usual go-to at any venue which offers said “blob”. For many years now, I’ve willingly consumed the tasteless, snot-like substance, accepting that my taste in cheese must be utterly inferior to that of my more cultured and worldly acquaintances. Thank you, Terry, for giving me the confidence to rebuff the advances of society’s foodie elite.

Bonnie Graham
Dulwich Hill, NSW


Gorgeous! I love reading about Richard and Christian. A relationship based on love and respect. long_wish_list

Lovely story. It’s wonderful to see a father-son relationship where there is zero judgment (apart from the veggie intake). Dame Magstar of the Order of the Hot Pink Garter

What a beautiful father-son relationship. I wish all children had that type of unconditional love and support. Mel5

“It’s his time.” Love the passing of the torch. Lids

Great parent and a beautiful relationship. rbalsdon

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