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Wordle cheats should be left to their own devices

“Recently, I queued behind a woman with ‘I Just Made a Big Mistake’ tattooed (C8) on the back of her neck,” writes Ken Arnold of Leura. “Does the tattoo refer to itself? Or some other recent decision? Or both? I felt it would be a mistake to ask.”

Peter Miniutti of Ashbury wonders if anyone has a Granny tattoo and asks “Should regular contributors seek out a bulk purchase discount?” The artist behind the current Granny is the wised-up Simon Letch. We asked if he knew of his work getting the pigment pro treatment, and he said, “not that I know of” but added that “former stylish Herald illustrator Michael Fitzjames had someone tattoo themselves with his artwork.”

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“Recently, I came across research which challenged the Wordle statistics of the 4000 people who had completed a ‘Hole in One’ game,” says Patricia Glanville-Miller of Hunters Hill. “On entering data designed to average out how many people would be able to do this, (probability), the number was well under 500. So, I tested my hypothesis on how to cheat the system: Complete Wordle on one device (phone), then do it on another (computer) where you start with a clean slate. Presto. I got my first ‘Hole in One’.”

Due to volume, we’re yet to give notice on the road sign punctuation saga (C8), especially if it aids visitors. For example, George Manojlovic of Mangerton is concerned that “Travellers unfamiliar with Australian country music might think the ‘Slim Dusty Interchange’ near Kempsey requires a comma.”

Warren Menteith of Bali goes from country to the conspicuous: “Before North Sydney Council destroyed the pool, signs in the showers read ‘Use Taps to Adjust Water Pressure’. They were on 2 mm, white plastic with the message engraved in black. Given the machinations of local government, the hours were spent deciding on the wording, size, positioning, typeface, getting it passed by council for approval? Then the time and cost to put out to tender for ten unnecessary signs that stated the bloody obvious.”

Still in the washroom, Julian Neylan of Dulwich Hill says on his last visit to the Yetholme Roadhouse, near Bathurst. “The sign on the Gents read ‘For Regular Customers Only’. The implications are explosive.”

Despite recent criticism, John Ridgway of McMahons Point thinks Rugby Australia should be congratulated for their foresight in securing the 2027 World Cup. “As hosts we automatically qualify.” Phew.