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Mr. Vegas Says Beenie Man Bite His Style and Came For His Head

Retired dancehall artist Mr. Lexx says Beenie Man didn’t just bite his style but also came for his head back in the day.

Mr. Lexx claims that Beenie Man was not a big fan of him coming into the game, changing things up, and even opening doors for younger artists, and he also tried to start a feud that he decided to squash.

While speaking on the Tongue Talk Podcast with Razor B, the artist shared that there was a lot of gatekeeping before he had his “buss” in music, but he decided to change things up after finding success. This did not come across well with others, he said.

“It was a lot of first in the industry. First of all, before me buss, ah one artist them use to buss a year. Thru the impact that him (Bounty Killer) and Beenie Man dem have on the industry, them level one artist a year. Before me buss, it was zebra, before Zebra buss it was Vegas, before Vegas buss it was Red Rat, before Red Rat buss it was Goofy…when me buss mi come change that. Me come say ‘yow, eh eh, seven or eight ah we can be hot at the same time’… me start par wid artist Chaka Diamond, Danny English, Kiprich,” Mr. Lexx says.

Mr. Lexx added, “me come in and change da whole thing deh weh dem feel that one artist can buss… it cause three big artists [to] come at me. Three of the biggest artists. Two of them, me go back to them and say ‘yow bredda you ah mi don and suh.’”

The artist revealed that Beenie Man also started a feud with him over the changes he made and even directed a diss song at him, “World Gone Mad,” released in 1999.

Mr. Lexx says Beenie Man stole his style of using “the God voice” by deejaying like him and even recorded a song that sounded like him.

“Beenie Man shoot at me and ah deejay like me… Beenie Man yuh ah my Gad but me and you can’t have that problem there bad man,” Mr. Lexx says was his response to Beenie Man, which quickly fizzled the beef.

Mr. Lexx reveals Mad Cobra also came at him

The other artist who came at him was Mad Cobra, he revealed, but he quickly quashed any tensions from becoming a feud.

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“You see this thing when them say when you get to a certain level your idols become your rivals, that’s true. I lived that,” the dancehall veteran said.

Mr. Lexx did not name the other artist, whom he referred to only as ‘such man.’

Who is Mr. Lexx

Dancehall artist Mr. Lexx, formerly known as Lexxus, is one of the most recognized names in the dancehall genre from the late 1990s to the early 2000s era. The veteran deejay, whose real name is Christopher George Palmer, was one of the most prolific deejays to rise out of Kingston in the late 90s when dancehall was at its peak. His sudden emergence on the scene at the time earned him a lot of enemies, including his famous feud with Bounty Killer.

Lexx is best known for songs like “Full Hundred,” “Ring Mi Cellie,” “Cook,” and “Good Hole.” Over the years since the peak of his career, the artist has transitioned into acting, modeling, and TV, among other segments of the entertainment industry.