Antigua and Barbuda
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LETTER: Politically Antigua is lost

Dear Editor,

All the politicians from all parties have disappointed us. No plan. No vision. Talk out of both sides of their mouth.

Do no work. None seem to understand the real issues affecting the ordinary people. None care.

And the people who have been brainwashed into begging for handouts are quite satisfied.

Antigua got self government on 27 February, 1967.That is 56 years ago and not VC Bird, George Walter, Lester Bird, Baldwin Spencer or Gaston Browne have been able to provide for the people of this country 3 of the basic necessities of water, electricity and roads. Failed state.

In fact it has gotten increasingly worse over the years with the last 5 years being in the pits.

In order to make millions selling fuel,Gaston,allowed 65,000 vehicles to overpopulate our 100 year old road network, with no planned expansion. Old tracks are paved and left.

No maintenance. Sugar cake repairs now and then.

Then he appoints a Public Works Minister who goes to work once a month and fully knowing the Minister was lazy, he then appointed a Parliamentary Secretary, whose face can clearly be seen under LAZY in the dictionary.

The UPP should have someone taking register at these Ministries so that we can see when these Ministers go to work.

And now here is why having this UPP opposition makes no sense. They do not understand the real issues.

The UPP spokesman Tabor has just done a rant on whether Gaston Browne will lead the ABLP in the next election. Really? That’s the big issue?

We have no roads, water, electricity off and one, high crime, rapes, ever increasing prices and the UPP is worried about who the ABLP Leader will be in 5 years. And the UPP does not have a settled, but rather a stand-in leader.

Gaston, Chet and Max are almost permanently away. Doing what and achieving what no one knows. The tax payers pay and pay.

Gaston is now no longer relevant locally so now he is taking to the international stage.

Hosting an international conference next year with over 1,000 delegates. We have neither the facilities nor the resources.

This will cost us millions and will be a disaster. But ego rules. Here is another easy question.

Why has Antigua never been able to attract even one proper Convention Hotel? Conventions are huge business.

All of the other major Caribbean countries have these facilities. No planning. No vision.

Sick and Fed-up