Bruce Greenaway (Social media photo . (Clockwise from top) Jason Modeste, Shakiel Thomas, Aliyah Martin and Armal Warner (File photo)

By Latrishka Thomas

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The quartet implicated in the high-profile murder case of Bruce Greenaway will now be standing trial a week later than originally scheduled.

Forty-three-year-old Greenaway’s lifeless body was found at Indian Creek on April 13 2020 – days after his family had reported him missing. He is believed to have been strangled.

In June 2020, the police arrested and jointly charged police officer Jason Modeste, along with Antigua and Barbuda Defence Force soldiers Shakiel Thomas, Armal Warner, and Aliyah Martin, with Greenaway’s murder.

The four were previously granted bail by Justice Colin Williams in the sum of $40,000 with no cash component.

They had been set to stand trial for the killing on March 13but the judge changed the date to March 20 after discussions with the three lawyers in the matter – Andrew O’Kola who represents Warner and Thomas, Wendel Robinson who represents Modeste, and Lawrence Daniels for Martin.

Justice Williams informed the court that he will be unavailable during the week that the matter was originally set to be tried.