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TORBA Dard office Covid-19 preparedness underway

TORBA is currently Covid-free.

The Provincial Agriculture Officer (PAO) for TORBA, Peter Maho said they have short- term and long- term plans to be implemented should there be any community cases in the future.

“The DARD office in Sola, Vanua Lava, has plan to distribute vegetable seeds and vegetable seedling trays to the nine Area Councils (AC) of TORBA province to encourage farmers to continue to plant short- term crops at their backyards as well as long- term crops such as root crops.

“Recently, vegetable seedling trays were already provided to Mota Lava and Sola AC and vegetable seeds were already distributed to Mere Lava, East and Western Gaua AC and Merig AC.”

Maho said they will need to identify key farmers through- out the province including livestock farmers and fishers to ensure sufficient food supplies are prepared and are available to be delivered.

“The farmers will be linked directly with communities in case of any emergency, the people know where to access local food if they need them and especially Community Isolation Centers and hot spot areas, where there will be high demand of food supplies.

“So far, we have identified these farmers and fishers in the nine ACs and we are ready to activate a supply chain from farmers to the communities.”

The completion of outstanding works on the market houses in TORBA province is one of the long- term plans for the DARD office in TORBA province.

“Constructions of Torres market house and Gaua market house is underway.

“Gaua market house is built with the assistances of the Vanuatu Skills Partnership while Torres AC market house construction is still ongoing.

“Market house committees will be formed as soon as the market houses are completed to assist the DARD team in activating the food supply chain.

Photo supplied Caption: Vegetable seedlings ready to for distribution to farmers.