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Crime on the rise in Port Vila

Police Serious Crimes Unit in Port Vila has recorded more than five cases of Break-in and Enter and Theft within a week in January 2023.

On Wednesday 25 January 2023, Police in Port Vila arrested a boy from Fresh water who broke into the Ta Tacos Restaurant in George Pompidu area.

Police are advising and appealing to the general public to take extra precautions to look after their properties.

According to Police, it's important to strengthen the neighbourhood watch programme.

The neighborhood watch programme has been introduced within some of the communities.

“This happens when a community within a town or city with a group of people living in the same area want to make their neighbourhood safer by working together, in conjunction with local law enforcement to reduce crime and improve their quality of life,” Police said.

Residents are also urged to make sure their properties are safe at all times. The items that are at home must be kept or stored in a safe place, away from the eyes of people who may become thieves in the next coming days.

Business houses are encouraged to make sure their properties and money are kept in a safe place. After close of business. The cash money must be always kept in a safe place away from thieves.

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