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Trump imitates Biden getting lost on stage in California GOP speech: ‘Where the hell am I?’

Former President Donald Trump mimicked President Biden’s past awkward stage exits — pretending he couldn’t find the stairs during a Friday night speech at the California Republican Party convention.

“Where the hell am I?” the 2024 GOP presidential frontrunner shouted to howls of laughter from the crowd.

The impression came as Trump questioned whether the 80-year-old incumbent was fit enough to withstand a second term as president.

Trump — who lost control of his New York business licenses Tuesday after a judge ruled he committed fraud — ridiculed the gaffe-prone president for appearing lost and confused in a series of embarrassing caught-on-camera moments.

“Does anybody think he’s going to make it to the starting gate?” Trump asked the audience in Anaheim, receiving a resounding reply of “no!”

“I mean the guy can’t find his way off of a stage. Look, here’s a stage. Here’s a stage. I’ve never seen this stupid stage before. I’ve never seen it. But if I walk left there’s a stair and if I walk right there’s a stair,” he added.

Trump then started spinning tight circles behind the podium with a perplexed look on his face.

He then walked up to the backdrop wall and continued his frantic search before throwing his hands up in frustration.

The businessman was seemingly referencing Biden’s awkward attempt to exit a stage last October following a speech in Pittsburgh campaigning for Sen. John Fetterman.

Biden initially turned to his right, but stopped in his tracks and spun 180 degrees to his left before pointing to the exit, all while mumbling to himself and his staffers.

The embarrassing moment wasn’t the only time the commander in chief publicly struggled to leave the stage — he fell to the floor in June after congratulating graduating cadets at the Air Force Academy in Colorado.

The president popped back up and pointed to a black sandbag on the stage, indicating to shocked audience members that he simply tripped.

Just hours later, Biden had another accident when he bumped his head on the doorframe of his Marine One helicopter upon arrival at the White House.

At another point during Trump’s Friday night speech, the former president called on police to shoot shoplifters as California grapples with soaring crime and brazen, broad-daylight thefts.

“We will immediately stop all of the pillaging and theft. Very simply: If you rob a store, you can fully expect to be shot as you are leaving that store,” he said.

“The word that they shoot you will get out within minutes and our nation, in one day, will be an entirely different place. There must be retribution for theft and destruction and the ruination of our country.”

Friday’s speech was Trump’s second public campaign stop this week after skipping the second Republican presidential debate on Wednesday.

Despite opting out of the event, Trump has maintained his distance ahead of the pack of GOP candidates, a poll commissioned exclusively for The Post found.

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