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The laser pointer attached to this collar is the perfect cat toy

A cat sitting with a collar on
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How much do your cats like to play? Every cat sometimes needs to feel like a hunter, but you can't always grab a laser pointer and have time to play as long as the cat wants, and you can't always tie it to aleashand Head to some monitored hunting. The

KiTiDOT is a laser pointer attached to thecollar that allows you to send your cat to hunt and sit down to see it. For a limited time, KiTiDOT sells for only $ 23.95 (usually $ 25). 

A laser pointer is a very simple toy as to how muchjoy your catcan get from it.

It's not easy to see that a laser pointer attached to a collar that is always (literally) one step ahead of the hunter is satisfying for cats and their owners.

While on, cats can spend their entire lives. Just put the KiTiDOT on the cat, just like any otherKitty collar. The collar is made of a soft, non-toxic material, which is not the most exciting thing. Point the laser pointer anywhere within the 45 degree adjustable range, turn it on and let go of the cat. Try your cat's hunting preferences by switching between normal mode, constant mode, and flickering mode without worrying about someone accidentally pointing the laser at your cat's eyes. The fit design makes it virtually impossible for cats to catch annoying lasers in their eyes. 

At the end of the playtime, simply remove the collar from the cat and give it a pet to become such a good hunter. Then you can charge the color with the included Micro-USB cable for the next time. 

Automat cat playtime and host shows in the process. Currently, theKiTiDOT Cat Collar Toyis priced at only $ 23.95 (usually $ 25). 

Prices are subject to change.