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RFK Jr. denied Secret Service protection despite numerous threats

Democratic presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has been denied Secret Service protection despite the agency determining that he is at an elevated “risk for adverse attention,” documents show. 

Eleven pages of records obtained by Judicial Watch, a government watchdog group, show that the Biden administration’s Secret Service conducted a “protective intelligence assessment” on the longshot presidential candidate and documented several specific threats aimed at RFK Jr. 

“Kennedy’s family history, perceived controversial stance on vaccines, and his status as a challenger to President Biden for the Democratic presidential nomination elevates his risk for adverse attention,” the threat assessment reads

The report highlights six “behaviors of interests,” where individuals – some already known to the Secret Service – have directed threats at Kennedy Jr. – some against his life. 

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
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“A known subject [Redacted] mailed a nonsensical letter to the hotel where Kennedy held his presidential campaign announcement event [redacted] warned a ‘madman’ may commit a ‘serious terrorist act’ and wanted to discuss his sins with Kennedy,” the report states, describing one of the threats. “[Redacted] is of record with the USSS [Secret Service] since March 2023 after he sent a nonsensical letter to President Biden with similar rhetoric. The USSS investigation is complete.” 

In another threat reviewed by Secret Service, “A known subject [Redacted] regularly sends threatening emails, stating he will ‘bury’ Kennedy, ‘everyone will die,’ and that he will make Kennedy ‘suffer.’”

The report also notes a case of a seemingly deranged stalker reaching out to Kennedy Jr. 

“A known subject [Redacted] sent numerous packages, including gifts and a wedding band, to Kennedy [Redacted] stated that she loves Kennedy and expressed anger about being kept away from him,” the assessment reads. 

Other cases highlighted by the agency describe crazed individuals sending manifestos with “nonsensical religious references” to the candidate’s house and accusing the RFK Jr., of “spying” on them. 

RFK Jr., whose uncle – former President John F. Kennedy – and father – former Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy – were both assassinated, has thus far been denied Secret Service protection, despite the threats. 

An email obtained by Judicial Watch shows a Secret Service official recommending that “outward facing messaging” on the topic of protection for RFK Jr. highlight that most Secret Service protection requests are only granted when the general election is less than a year out. 

“In addition to the numbered guidelines concerning FEC filing and polling requirements, I recommend any outward facing messaging include the attached language as well,” the official, whose name is redacted, writes.

“Protection under these guidelines should only be granted within one year prior to the general election. Protection more than one year prior to the general election should only be granted in extraordinary, case by case circumstances in consultation with the committee, based on threat assessment and other factors,” the guideline language reads.  

“The Biden administration’s refusal to provide Secret Service protection to Mr. Kennedy is dangerous and vindictive,” Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton said in a statement. “These FOIA requests and our new lawsuit aim to get the full truth on why Mr. Kennedy’s life is being put at unnecessary risk by the Biden administration.”