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New York's Slimy Educator Strikes Again With Regent Question That Can't Be Named

The New York State Department of Education and Board of Regents pulled out yet another slimy test trick.

Summary: In May, in the aftermath of the tragic Buffalo shootings, the Regent Test for Whole Historyone question was asked, " It can exacerbate student trauma.”

Too bad for the kids who spent months preparing for the test. However, today's Regent takes the chance to disable any test because it pretends that the test itself is harmful.

but and the educators decided the question was fine and returned it to the bank for future testing — nevertheless this "traumatic" question It even rejects FOIA requests while refusing to let the public know what is. 

Pure Kafkaian madness.  However, it is standard operating procedure for current state educational institutions. They use every excuse to undermine real standards.

In May, the board lowered the appeal limit for children who failed the Regents exam from 65 to 50 points. Standardized tests are racist. The Board has canceled all 2021 Regent exams, citing unfounded concerns about Omicron, just as it canceled the previous year's exams (by preventing failures). ) as a way to flag the graduation rate. 

All in the last two years. 

This hatred of excellence is not limited to traditional public schools. For years, Regent and SED have stepped into public charter schools, imposing new restrictions and rejecting entirely reasonable alternatives to teacher accreditation.

Thanks to House Speaker Carl Heastie for effectively managing the Board and the SED and serving the Teachers Union, not the public. 

He is also a central block for lifting the caps that prevent new charters from being opened in the city, but these schools are more likely to serve in poorer, less white communities. Approximately 80% of charter students for the 2021-2022 academic year were considered financially disadvantaged. The majority of students are black and Hispanic. 

Their grades far outperform the same group of children in conventional public schools, lying to the idea that the tests are racist. (If anything, they test against adversaries who harm minorities and keep parents from knowing how much their children are not learning.) 

Next Outrage: A recent SED memo to individual school leaders noted that educators used state data on system-wide English and mathematics assessments in grades 3-8. has hinted at extending the timeline for the release of .

By delaying when schools look at statewide data, the move will make it harder for schools to understand their own test results. For example, if everyone sees an increase, your increase may not mean much. They fooled the exam (again) so it's just an illusion. Is this an effort to cover up the tragic news of learning loss during COVID? It has been. But with a stunt like this, Kathy Hochul needs to shout out — if she's worried about her own obligations to the future of her state. 

She, like Heathie and other powerful New York Democrats, seems to care more about the teachers' union than her children.