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Jemele Hill didn't feel she fit the culture of a "sports center". "Worst job at ESPN"

Jemele Hill said he didn't think it was appropriate to do a "SportsCenter" on ESPN because of the company's "culture," said Kenny Hill on Thursday . As Mayne said on the podcast: Hey Meine. "

" 'SportsCenter' was the most high-profile job I've ever had for his ESPN," Hill said. "It was the best paying job at ESPN. But it's also the worst job I've ever had at ESPN."

According to Hill, former SportsCenter anchor Mayne, Mike Greenberg was told by Scott Van Pelt not to let the "SportsCenter" bosses change her regarding the show's creative direction.

"I didn't fit into the 'SportsCenter' culture," Hill said. "Definitely not fit for the management team that was overseeing 'SportsCenter' at the time. And I was exhausted. I was really tired of fighting every day to be myself.

Hill and Michael Smith were promoted to 'SportsCenter' anchors and tried to bring their personalities to the show, but were less inclined to devote their time as they used to, thanks to clashes with management. Things leveled off on Hill's then-President Donald Trump.

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Hill called Trump a "white supremacist" In September 2017, the company denounced her in a statement. A month later, she called for a boycott of her Cowboys advertisers in Dallas. This is because Jerry Jones said he would bench players who kneel during the national anthem.

"The idea that ESPN is run by Flower Children is a lie because ESPN is a conservative culture," Hill said. "No, it's more the opposite. You know it well.

"When [the critics] started looking at my face, Michael's face became more prominent... And suddenly ESPN became too liberal, because suddenly women and black people appear on my TV almost every day, which means the company has indeed succumbed to the ranks of liberalism."}

After that controversy escalated, according to Hill, management didn't want her or Smith on camera and tried to make the version of "SportsCenter" more traditional.

35} "They really cared about the headlines," she said.

In January 2018, Hill left "SportsCenter" for ESPN's "The Undefeated," andby October of the same year,she had left Worldwide Leaders for good.I got a job at The Atlantic.

"It wasn't fun for me, so that's why I left," Hill said. so I chose to leave."