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Influencer’s violent reaction to ‘world’s sourest candy’ goes viral: ‘I love pushing my limits’

Pucker up!

A content creator who “loves to push her limits” was eager to taste the world’s so-called sourest candy — only to be left with a seriously bad taste in her mouth.

The anonymous influencer — who boasts 3 million followers on TikTok and another 48,000 on Instagram under the moniker Underrated Hijabi — met her match in the U.K.-made Black Death Mega Sours in a a now-viral TikTok video that has already racked up 47 million views.

“I’ve never ever tried something more sour,” the creator, who preferred to not share her real name, told The Post.

“It’s so sour that it took my brain a while to process what I was feeling and tasting.”

In the clip, the adventurous eater described the dark-colored, lemon-flavored candies as appearing “scary,” like they were “made out of glass and concrete.”

After tossing one of the suspect spheres into her mouth, the tastebud-curdling, acidic center of the deathly orb appears to send a jolt of electricity through her body, leaving her in convulsions.

The bitterness caused the creator to squirm and thrash in the driver’s seat of her car, where she regularly films her viral taste testing videos for social media. Then, she let out a shrill shriek as she grimaced from the aftertaste.

“At first you can taste bitter sea salt, then it goes to extreme salty/lemony taste that feels like it’s coated around a metal pole that’s scraping your tongue,” she told The Post, noting that the sensation is likely due to the “irritation of the sourness.”

“It’s so sour your body feels every acid flowing through your blood stream!. It’s like a sour, eccentric feeling.”

According to the label, the candies, sold under the Mr. Simms Co. brand, have “an extremely sour coating which lasts approximately 20 seconds.”

“I don’t know how to describe it,” the UK content creator, who also touts over 1 million subscribers on YouTube, said in the clip. “It feels like, um, like there’s like a metal rod at the back of my throat.”

Despite her initial reaction to the candy, she tried yet another, which, unsurprisingly, yielded the same reaction. This time, she spit out the not-so-sweet treat into her palm before letting out another scream.

“My sister has been possessed by black death,” one viewer quipped.

“She started fighting for her LIFE,” chimed in another.

“BESTIE R U GOOD??” one concerned user wrote.

“I’m sorry I laughed but why would you eat 2 of ‘em,” questioned someone else.

Admittedly, the taste-testing daredevil would try the sour candies again — although, not until she recovers, she said.

“I love sour candy, it’s why I started my channel to share my love with others, I make sour drinks, sour candy and try different sour candies,” she told The Post.

“I love pushing my sour limits.”

The undeniably super sour candies are currently sold out online.

A warning on the label warns foodies that “excessive consumption within a brief time frame may cause temporary mouth and/or stomach irritation,” and that the sours are “not suitable for children under 8 years of age.”