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Influencer’s terrifying shower discovery horrifies millions: ‘It crawled up my leg’

An influencer who made a “terrifying” discovery in her shower has sent fans into a meltdown after catching the wild experience on video.

Anna Paul, from Australia, revealed she’d suffered a “jumpscare” after spotting a huntsman spider in her bathroom while showering.

The thoughtful social media star told her 7.2 million followers she wanted to “save” the eight-legged critter from drowning, but in her bid to help the spider, something “insane” occurred that is arguably the most Australian thing ever.

“I was trying to save it and look what happened – it crawled up my leg,” she said on TikTok, before turning the camera to reveal just that.

The spider continued to climb up Anna’s body before coming to rest on her hand so she could safely extract it from the shower.

“Bro, I did not expect this to crawl up my naked body this morning in the shower. What the f–k,” she continued.

“This is the reality of Australia.”

“My soul would have lifted from my limp body almost instantly,” one commented.

“As a Canadian I can confidently say I’ve never seen a spider so big,” another lamented.

As one declared: “The way my jaw actually dropped.”

“This is why I could never live in Australia,” someone else mused.

Others were shocked by Anna’s calm reaction to having the huntsman crawl over her body, suggesting that even for Australians, it was skin-crawling.

“Anna babe go on fear factor bc the way you’re not even phased is insane,” one person commented.

“Once upon a time I found a spider in my room I slept in the living room for the next six months no kidding,” another said.

“Bro that’s tiny compared to most spiders here,” another said.

“Absolutely not!!! if this ever happened I would actually die,” one social media user said.

Huntsman spiders, like the one in Anna’s video appears to be, are largely harmless to humans and some experts even encourage you to share your home with them as they don’t spin webs and prey on insects such as cockroaches.