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Here are the ways a government shutdown would affect you

If House and Senate negotiators fail to reach a spending agreement, the federal government will run out of cash and shut down at midnight Saturday.

New Yorkers could see a range of disruptions, including:

Paul Martinka
More than 19,000 active duty service members in New York will go without pay if a shutdown occurs.
  • National parks and monuments will be closed, including Federal Hall, Gateway National Recreation Area, Governor’s Island and the Statue of Liberty.
  • 19,300 active-duty members of the armed forced in New York would not be paid. They would likely be reimbursed after the shutdown ends.
  • Federal employees assisting with illegal migrants in New York City will go unpaid, likely delaying work-authorization permits. Relevant staff at the Department of Labor may be furloughed.
  • Transportation Security Administration workers and air-traffic controllers will work without pay during the shutdown, creating a threat of workers not coming in and creating delays. During the 2019 shutdown, as many 170 TSA employees at JFK Airport called out each day.
  • City businesses seeking loans from the Small Business Administration will have to wait until the shutdown ends.
  • The Food and Drug Administration could be forced to delay food safety checks for meats, seafood, fruits and vegetables.
  • Amtrak, Social Security and the Postal Service will all continue to function.