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The gay father of triplets reveals the wild questions they ask.

Science has made it possible to create families in many ways, including surrogacy, in vitro fertilization, and egg and sperm donation.

Now gay couple share how their triplets were born. Complete strangers ask about it.

Husbands Sean and Jake are parents to 18-month-old triplets Winston, Len and Willow, and the children are 64}biologically. }

It took 4 people to make our family

Realtors Jake and Sean share online how to juggle three little ones doing. But what really captivated people was the story of how they got the triplets.

"Starting with an anonymous egg donor she found through a database, she performed egg extractions, fertilized them half with my sperm, half with Sean's sperm, and finally Got 12 viable embryos, Jake explains in TikTok video:


It was a girl and a boy.Then we (biologically) implanted one boy and one girl embryo."

" This is how we got triplets one of our girls decided to split us up it didn't happen the way we planned but life in other ways I could never have imagined!” Sean added.

The couple then used a surrogate named Heather, who had carried the baby before he was born by caesarean section.

"Eight more embryos left" 

Couple tried to start a family when two embryos were transferred to a surrogate mother She miscarried at 12 weeks, although she shared that the first attempt failed.

However, they were very excited to learn that she was expecting a triplet on her second attempt.

Sean Jake triplets surrogate mother

"So we have 8 viable embryos left. , we're making payments right now, we're frozen every month, but I'm pretty sure our family is done with three," Jake said. It sounds a little too difficult to match perfectly biologically with, so we're leaning towards donating those embryos to science."