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French sailor survives 16 hours under capsized boat in Atlantic Ocean

A 62-year-old French sailor survived for 16 hours after his boat capsized in the Atlantic using air bubbles inside the capsized vessel.

The intrepid sailor was eventually rescued from heavy seas by Spanish Coast Guard divers. They described it as a "nearly impossible" operation.

Jeanne SOLO Her 40-foot boat called the Sailor sent out a distress call at 11:23 pm. 14 miles from the Sisargas Islands off the coast of Galicia, northwestern Spain, Monday local time according to the Coast Guard. is showing.

When a Coast Guard vessel carrying five divers embarked on a rescue mission, one of her three helicopters dispatched to assist in the search was seen at sunset. I followed the capsized boat.

A diver was hoisted into the hull to look for signs of life, and an unnamed sailor on board reacted to tapping the hull, knocking it from the inside.

Spanish divers and helicopters found the 40-foot Jean SOLO Sailor 14 miles from the Sisargas Islands off Spain's northwestern Galicia region on Monday.
A diver was lowered onto the hull of the sailboat and exchanged knock with the sailor trapped inside.
Rescuers attached buoyancy to the capsized boat's hull to stabilize it in rough seas.

As the sea was too rough to attempt a rescue, they attached a buoyancy balloon to the hull to prevent it from sinking further and waited until morning with the French still trapped below.

Two divers tried to help Sailor by swimming under the boat, but found herself submerged up to her knees in water wearing her neoprene survival suit. I found

"A life saved is our greatest reward," said the Spanish Maritime Safety and Rescue Association in a tweet.

Vicente Covelo, a member of the Coast Guard's special operations team, told a local broadcaster that the man voluntarily jumped into the frozen water and swam under the boat to reach the surface. .

Two divers swam under the boat to help the sailor out.
Salvamento Maritimo/AFP via Gett
The Spanish coast guard described the daring rescue operation as "verging on the impossible."

“He entered the water voluntarily and freedive with the help of a diver.

He was airlifted to hospital safely, but was discharged soon after and was in good health.  

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