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Courtney Love announces she's finished writing her memoir after '10 years' of writing

Good things come to those who wait.

Courtney Love surprised fans on Friday by announcing that she had finished writing her 10-year "Drag Me" memoir.

Revealing that her next book will be titled "The Girl with the Most Cake," the singer thanked ghostwriter Alex Abramovich and publisher Harper Collins.

"Dude. I think I may have just signed off on my book...after 10 years of f-ing dragging my a-," she wrote onInstagram. 10} .

However, according to Love, the book's release date remains unknown.

She wrote: "(I'm not kidding) I have a very real power chain backed up, so don't ask me when (the important thing is that I'm fine now)."

Love continued to tease what fans could expect from the memoir.

"I have 29 lives and they seem to count. Crazy luck in the right place, at the right time (and sometimes the wrong way!). I was blessed with," she added.

Hall's frontwoman tweaked some of her memoirs to include personal family details, including her mother and 'incredibly attractive grandmother' .

Love married to Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain in 1992 and they welcomed daughter Frances Bean Cobain that year.
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"F – Untrue stories are what people 'taste' That's why. The truth is so much more fun, richer, and makes more sense. There are also many rags! love added.

"The Girl with the Most Cake" was due for her 2013 release, but Love's plans didn't pan out. In 2014, she called the project a "disaster" and fans were forced to wait patiently for its release.

Love said he was Nirvana frontman Kurt in 1992. Married Cobain, he welcomed Cobain a daughter, Frances Bean, that year.

The legendary musician passed away in his April 1994.