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Columbia University lesbian group disinvites ‘Zionists’ from movie night

The leader of an LGBTQ group at Columbia University is excluding any supporters of Israel from an upcoming black lesbian film event, The Post has learned.

With the conflict in Gaza raging, an organization called LionLez sent out a message to students promoting an on-campus “Black Lesbian Film” event said explicitly said no “Zionists” would be welcome to attend.

“It’s FREE PALESTINE over here. Zionists aren’t invited. See you soon, Lion Lez,” read the promotion for the Friday night showing of the two flicks, including one called “Shakedown” which “chronicles explicit performances in an underground lesbian club in Los Angeles.”

The missive, sent by group founder and leader Lizzy George-Griffin, also included a rambling message that noted “THE HOLOCAUST WASN’T SPECIAL,” according to a copy of the ad obtained by the Post.

When reached by the Post Wednesday, George-Griffin doubled down on her ban on Israel backers.

” We are . . . within our right of freedom of speech to verbally disinvite a genocidal group of people: Zionists,” she wrote to the Post.

And while she did insist to The Post that the ban on “Zionists” did not mean all Jews were excluded, she expanded on her group’s comment about The Holocaust.

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“When I say The Holocaust wasn’t special, I mean The Holocaust was not significantly unique from the many other large-scale genocides. When I say the Holocaust wasn’t special, I mean it was not special enough to justify this current genocide against Palestinians,” she wrote.

The Anti-Defamation League says “anti-Zionism,” or the opposition to the state of Israel, “is indeed antisemitism,” although it “is much more socially acceptable than classic antisemitism,” the group noted.

A fellow student, who wished to be identified only by her initials, said “antisemitism has become commonplace at Columbia,” and said it was “bewildering” that someone as “disturbingly ignorant” as George-Griffin was admitted to the top tier university.

“Israel is the sole democracy in the Middle East, has 2.1 million Arab citizens who have the EXACT SAME rights as all Jews and hold positions in the government, and is the only country in the area where you can hold hands with your same-sex partner and live to see tomorrow,” said KA in a written statement, pointing out that homosexuality is illegal in Gaza under Hamas’ reign.

Columbia University did not immediately respond to a request for comment.