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CDC plans to relax COVID guidelines as kids return to school

CDC is expected to relax school COVID guidance

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommendsCOVID-19over the next few days, starting at school, just as students return to the classroom Is expected to be alleviated. 

CBS News has obtained a copy of the CDC draft document outlining the reasons for the change. Although not yet final, changes may include not emphasizing a "stay test" strategy in which students exposed to COVID-19 take regular tests to stay in the classroom. Schools are also free to unleash the rigorous social distance measurement of, which the CDC guidance has already effectively phased out .

Revisions will soon be published to simplify and streamline a wide range of guidance specific to other CDC settings, such as travel, health care settings, and high-risk collective facility settings such as nursing homes. It's a schedule.

News about how planned shifts affect government school guidance was first reported by CNN.

"This virus will be with us in the next few days and we need to learn to live with it," said infectious disease expert Michael Osterholm. Holm told CBS News. 

Michael Cornell, director of the Hamburg Central School District in Western New York, said students need to return to normal. 

"If the CDC says you should return to school relatively normally with minimal restrictions, count me," Cornell University told CBS News. “We need to focus on enabling children to experience joy, value and connection at school, because they have all been robbed of them for two and a half years. 

Suggested because less than half of school-age children are fully vaccinated and the majority of Americans live in communities with a high proportion of COVID-19. The changes raise some concerns. 

Among the other changes proposed in the draft document, those exposed to fully unvaccinated COVID-19 no longer need to be quarantined, instead 10 Some mask it for a day and test it for 5 days after exposure. In the draft, the CDC notes the majority of the population carrying COVID-19 antibodies and the desire to limit social and economic impacts as a reason to remove quarantine recommendations. 

In addition, the CDC no longer requires known post-exposure contact tracing, except in the setting of high-risk aggregates such as healthcare or care facilities and homeless shelters.

 Meanwhile, Osterholm said the virus is still evolving. 

"The virus continues to change over time, so we may revise these guidelines again," he said. 

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