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British woman arrives at airport to find flight canceled 5 months ago

A woman learned that her flight was canceled five months ago and revealed her horror experience after heading to the airport. A British woman holding the handle of "Paris Hilton" at

 TikTok booked a holiday package on a UK-based online trip in a series of viral clips Explained in Agents on the Beach last October.

Costs over $ 3,000 and include flights, accommodation and transfers.

She and her partner were planning to fly from Bristol Airport to Thessaloniki, Greece on May 4th at 6am on the low-cost carrier Jet2.

"Everything was fine until the day before the holiday," she said in a viral clip.

"I was flying at 6am the next morning, so I booked a hotel for the night in Bristol. [Airport] is about 2 hours from us."

TikTok @parishilton49
TikTok / @ parishilton49

"I arrived at the hotel at 9 pm the night before. I decided to check in online." She said.

After struggling to find a flight number online, the woman and her partner decided to go to the airport, where she explained the situation to Jet2 staff.

But she was told it "doesn't exist".

"[Woman] didn't fly to Thessaloniki and said she wouldn't fly tomorrow at 6am. I'm a rather nervous flyer and I absolutely hate it, so listening to this is the biggest thing in my life

Paris said the staff said the flight was canceled in December, five months before the plane was scheduled to take off.

Travel receipts
TikTok / @ parishilton49

"Nothing is said about this. 2 I also received an email to fill out the flight form a day ago, "she claimed.

She also called Thessaloniki Hotel three times to confirm that she was still booked. She was thankfully told that she was expecting herself and her partner.

She and her boyfriend booked another flight, given that her vacation was booked and planned a few months ago and she was absent from her work. I decided to proceed with the trip.

The only other option available was a same time flight from London Gatwick Airport, 3 hours away from Bristol.

The cost of the new flight was $ 600 plus gas and parking. "The hotel wasted because I didn't stay at the hotel."

They arrived at Gatwick Airport at 2:30 am and were "sleepless for 30 hours" by the time they finally arrived in Greece.

"We couldn't even understand that we were on vacation, and we couldn't even get excited because we didn't," she said.

@ parishilton49

Just replying to @onthebeachholidays, they have no sympathy, no excuses, etc. Looking back How does this happen? Every time I see it, I get even more angry.

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"We spent the entire vacation trying to catch up with sleep."

The woman emailed On the Beach about the issue, claiming she hadn't responded until five weeks later.

"The only excuse they had to give us was that there was an error and apparently they tried to refund us but it didn't pass."

She shared a screenshot analyzing all the additional costs caused by the problem, including $ 180 for parking at Gatwick Airport and $ 72 for a total of 11 hours of driving. did.

Overall, the cost of the trip was almost double the original price.

"They were happy to return $ 967, which was the difference between a plane and a parking lot and a transfer," she said.

"Not as much money they offered to return us. It's the fact that we felt completely fooled by this holiday and it was almost ruined.

She said the holidays were fun and exciting, but she was hurt by the horrifying experience and expects more sympathetic reaction from the company. I added.

Travel agency email
TikTok / @ parishilton49

But that's because of my experience and what happened to me. "

She said she understood that mistakes would happen, but the company told her 5 Had months

"I don't have spare cash, my partner had. I would have had to go home, and I could have this holiday anymore It couldn't have been a week, "she said.

"I want them to be accountable and responsible. They said it was an error and it wasn't enough."

But travelers He counterattacked and said, "Apologies do not intend to reduce it."

"We will continue to do this until we feel fully compensated and will never do this again."

She also apologizes for this. I shared a screenshot of an email I received from a company that does.

It is written as follows. "Thank you for inquiring about your recent vacation. Feedback is very important to us, good or bad.

" We also have a lot to plan your vacation. We understand that your time and effort will be spent, so of course we want everything to run as smoothly as possible. Therefore, we apologize for any concerns about our on-the-beach service.

"I understand that the airline has not booked due to a system error on arrival at the airport. I apologize for this happening. The new flight at the cost of the original flight. We have arranged a refund for the flight cost plus the difference. Sorry for the disappointment, but we will not refund the hotel you selected in Bristol or the parking lot at this location. "

Paris Said he noticed a lack of sympathy for the reaction, adding: Every time I see it, I get even more angry.

She said she hadn't received a refund yet, and she warned viewers to check flights, accommodations and transfers three times if they booked with an online agent.

"I didn't want anyone to do the same. If this reaches a lot of people who booked vacations through these companies, I can ask you for your own Just take it by hand.

"Call the airline, make sure the plane is there, call the hotel and make sure the hotel is still there . "