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Bill Maher says UFOs are launching 'real-time' attacks on Navy pilots

It was a rather dull episode of last night'sHBOreal-time with Bill Maher. There were some interesting topics in the table.

ActorDavid Duchovnywas Maher's featured guest and talked with his host about his new bookThe Reservoir: ANovella. Given Duchovny's originalX-Filesstar career, the conversation eventually evolved into a discussion ofUFOs.

Duchovny shared his theory of UFOs that aliens mimic the old "fool's ship" strategy. In this strategy, society drives criminals and other unwanted things out to ships that sink into the sea.

Most people on earth who claim to have encountered aliens say it is related to tooth drilling and anal investigation, so Ducabney probably said, "Some alien civilizations Tired of their sex criminals and their dentists, they are on galaxy ships, and sometimes they come around us. "

Then Maher is in another world. Shared his own theory of visitors. He said trained Navy pilots were seeing a large number of UFOs. He explains why: They are looking at what they can do.

Later in the show, Maher covered the topic ofDave Chappellein his panel. The panel featured author and podcast host Massimo Taibi and former adviser to Pete Butigeg, Lis Smith.

Maher claimed that "Democrats lost their sense of humor" and "Dave Chappelle was kicked out and offended me. Then people say that cancel culture is not real. "?"

Smith said she was on the side of Chappelle, but added that fighting the transgender community was a defeat. "No one is as helpless as the transgender community," she claimed.

Maher disagreed. "I refuse (it)," he said, but "you are allowed to have that perspective and Dave is still allowed to appear in Minneapolis."

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