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Are 'Novids' special or are we lucky to have avoided COVID-19?

Boston — If you consider yourself "Novid", i.e. someone who has never had COVID-19, are you wrong, special, or just lucky? Researchers are trying to answer that question.

It is estimated that over 70% of Americans have been infected at some point during the pandemic, but we all know someone who says he has never been infected. Data show that millions of Americans who think they have never had COVID have had COVID, but never had symptoms or simply didn't get tested because you thought you had a cold or an allergy. 

Still, some people managed to avoid COVID, and researchers are studying them to find out why. For example, people who work from home, consistently wear masks, and maintain social distancing are actively protecting themselves. 

But stronger Some people have genetic or immune system advantages that provide significant protection. Others may have been previously exposed to a similar virus or are taking medications for other conditions that provide some protection. 

Stay up to date on COVID, as scientists currently do not know who is at high risk of infection and who is not. The -19 vaccine is our best defense against this ever-changing virus.

Marika Marshall, MD

Marika Marshall, M.D., is an Emmy Award-winning journalist, physician, and former HealthWatch reporter for CBS Boston/WBZ-TV. rice field. she is over 20 years old. Dr. Marshall, a practicing physician board-certified in both internal medicine and pediatrics, has served on the staff of Harvard Medical School, MGH Chelsea, Argent He practices at Massachusetts General Hospital of Care and at MGH Revere Health Center. and is now on the front line of care. For patients with COVID-19. He is also the host and contributing editor of Harvard Health Publications (HHP), the publishing arm of the Harvard He Medical School.

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