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American Airlines cuts 2% on September and October flights


Pete Muntean and Nicky Robertson, CNN • Published August 4, 2022

(CNN) — American Airlines to drop 2% from schedule in 2020 said it would cut flights. September and October.

American Airlines cuts to "size the airline with available resources and build additional buffers for the remainder of the summer schedule." We call it “proactive adjustment”.

At its Philadelphia hub, American Airlines plans to cut hundreds of flights, about 3% of flights scheduled in September, and fewer scheduled in October. 5% of flights.

Airlines are struggling with staffing shortages, summer weather and air traffic control delays as passengers return to pandemic-era travel in droves.

The cuts are the latest in a series of measures by US airlines to ease air traffic disruptions this summer.

Air traffic disruption is also serious in Europe. London's Heathrow Airport and Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport announced moves this week to reduce congestion.

On Wednesday, the US Transportation Security Administration screened more than 2.1 million passengers at airport security checkpoints across the country. That's 86% of the same day in 2019.

American Airlines said the schedule adjustments were made "with the intention of moving customers to another flight."

Airlines say they can contact passengers directly about "alternative travel options to reach their destination" and ask for a full refund if the new options don't work. I'm here.

On Wednesday, the U.S. Department of Transportation proposed a rule that would expand the circumstances under which airline passengers can receive refunds.

The proposal comes amid a flood of complaints from passengers seeking refunds from airlines since the outbreak of the pandemic.