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Youngstar Ahikyirize among most successful online Forex traders in Uganda 2023

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The popularity of trading is increasing in Africa and you can hear about people turning to online Forex trading more often today than ten or five years ago. While some countries on the African continent are already famous for their trading communities, such as South Africa or Nigeria, the others are just shaping the Forex industry.
Even though Uganda does not have a regulatory framework that would define the shape of the currency trading industry yet, it still dominates the list of the upcoming star countries in the Forex industry. Thanks to the great brains of young innovators on the block.

The lack of brokers that are regulated by the local financial authority and the absence of an investor protection policy should be making trading difficult for the local community, but surprisingly they are even more motivated and eager to trade and often approach the best international firms for brokerage services.
While these obstacles make it hard to trade it does not mean that there is no interest in Forex trading in Uganda. On the contrary, there are lots of people searching for brokers that accept Ugandan customers or general information about successful Forex traders in Uganda. If you have been interested in it, you might find that there is no information about profitable traders in Uganda that reached success in Forex trading. Does it mean that trading currency pairs in Uganda is less profitable than in other countries? Of course not, the Forex market is international and is not defined by any country. So why are do not we hear about the best Forex traders in Uganda?
Daniel Ahikyrize, who admits to leading a relatively comfortable life thanks to forex trade, is a good example of how you can turn your life around just by buying and selling forex. This is a business that can be done any time anywhere, even in the comfort of your home. He is ready to share his success with others.
The 22-year- old entrepreneur reckons that teaching people how to get rich fast with online trading is his forte. He says that for people investing in the stock market, 2023 has been a transformational year.
He reveals that what was once perceived as a complex way to build wealth, and as something only available to high net worth individuals, became significantly more accessible with the rise of online trading platforms Forex Bulls Academy, an online Academy that has taken over Uganda.
Daniel Ahikyirize, the founder of Forex Bulls Academy, is one entrepreneur who has seen his course enrollment grow significantly over the past year.

He has spent the last few years traveling while running his online platform that teaches people how to trade online intentionally to find financial freedom and live out their dreams.
In his recent interview, he explains the early birth of his Academy “Early November 2021, that was the birth of the Academy, I needed to create a place where people with the same goals would come and talk about a common thing! I organized multiple physical classes and some big seminar events” he said.
He adds on that ‘’My plan was to get some big cash and go trading full-time, the only thing I thought about was tuition” The 22-year-old opens up
He goes on to reveal that ” When the schools opened, I was sent to school and our tuition was about $1000 (sh3.6m), I paid $500 (Sh1.8m) and kept the balance to me! Funded my account with only $250 (sh918,000) and kept the balance with me, from then everything is history! I made my first ever $1000 (sh3.6m) in 2 weeks from funding!
How to claim the title of the best Forex trader in Uganda
The journey to successful Forex trading is similar for everyone does not matter where they live in. This is an advantage that Forex grants to every person that is interested in it. Undoubtfully, as a Ugandan trader, you might come across more obstacles than a person living in a country where the Forex industry is well-developed. However, being armed with the information you can easily solve the issues and become the best Forex trader in Uganda.
Spend a lot of time on education
Earning the title of one of the most successful Forex traders in Uganda is impossible without proper education. You need to learn a lot about Forex trading before you make your first trade. The education in Forex can be divided into three core categories. The first one is the mandatory education that you need to have in order to understand the Forex and how it works. It is the basics of Forex that allows you to start trading. Once you learn about it you can advance your knowledge and learn about the different strategies and tools that can be used to make the trades profitable. The third category is something that is infinite. It is the knowledge that you are getting every time you are trading and that comes with the experience. To say in other words, no matter how good you are at trading and how much profits you are making, you should never stop learning if you want to be the best Forex trader in Uganda.

While getting mandatory education in Forex, many people make a simple mistake and start trading on the live accounts right away. I can understand the excitement about starting trading and making money but it is not the smartest decision that a beginner trader can make. In order to ensure your success, it is better to start trading on demo accounts that make it possible for beginner traders to practice. You can learn more about the demo accounts and their availability for the Forex traders in Uganda here. While using the demo account, it is important to know when to switch to the live trading account. While demo accounts are great for practice, they do not provide the same trading environment and experience as it is on a live account, simply because there is no money involved. Therefore, once you see that you are doing good on demo accounts, open a live one.

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