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CFAO urges vehicle owners to shun counterfeit spare parts

CFAO says counterfeit spare parts can lead to deadly road accidents which should be avoided Net/photo

Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT | CFAO, a distributor of Toyota vehicles and spare parts in Uganda has urged vehicle owners to be vigilant about the risks of counterfeit products and emphasised the importance of choosing genuine parts for optimal performance, safety, and long-term value.

In a media statement shared with this news website on July 27, the company said, a vehicle is more than just a means of transport today but is also an asset to the user who wants it to work for them over a long period of time, with less downtime, minimal cost of ownership as well as decent resale value.

According to the annual crime report 2022 released by Uganda Police Force in the first quarter of this year, Uganda registered a 16.9% increase in road accidents in 2022 to 20,394 compared to 17,443 registered the previous year. Out of every 100 crashes, 22 people died. These cases relate to reckless driving and related factors like the use of bad spare parts.

CFAO said the dangers of counterfeit parts may appear attractive at first glance due to their lower price tag, but they pose serious risks to the safety and reliability of vehicles.

“These imitation components are typically produced without adherence to strict quality standards, leaving them susceptible to premature failure and compromising your vehicle’s overall performance. Moreover, counterfeit parts may not fit as precisely as genuine ones, leading to potential mechanical issues that could result in accidents or costly repairs,” the statement reads in part.

On its part, CFAO commits to; providing customers with only genuine parts which are perfect, fit for optimal operation; maintaining strict quality standards for increased safety and preserving the lifespan and resale value.

CFAO Motors Uganda boasts a comprehensive network of five branches (Namanve Industrial and business park, Kampala first street, Gulu, Mable and Buliisa branches) and four Authorized Service Centers in Kampala Daks, NN Arua, Stitch & Sew Fort Portal, and another soon to be opened in Mbarara.

This network of branches offers service maintenance and spare parts sales to ensure that vehicle owners can access genuine parts and expert service, it said.