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Man dies after falling in pot of boiling cooking oil in Ha‘apai

A man died this week on Tuesday 13 from horrific burns he sustained after falling into a giant pot of cooking oil in Tonga’s Ha’apai islands.

Mōsese Maile
Mosese Maile

The victim, named Mōsese Maile, had reportedly been in charge of overseeing the preparation of chicken cooking in the oil for a funeral service.

However, the deceased was reportedly fell into pot the after what had been described as after experiencing what appeared to be a health problem.

He was initially helped out before the pot was unexpectedly knocked over during the process and allegedly spilled over him.

It was a double tragedy for the Maile family when they have to bury two bodies of their own family members.

Meanwhile, his friends and kāinga have paid tributes to him on social media.

“Rest in peace brother Mosese Maile”, a commenter wrote.

“Awwwww love you guys Uasi condolence to you and your family”.