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Tan Kin Lian to donate proceeds from campaign poster sale to charity

After announcing that he's selling his campaign posters this week, presidential candidate Tan Kin Lian has also decided to donate the proceeds to charity. 

Tan, 75, told the media on Wednesday (Sept 6) that he would be giving the money to a "Muslim charity that takes care of the poor and destitute". 

He previously said he wanted to give the money to a friend who had helped him put up and take down his campaign posters. 

Elaborating on his reasons for doing so, the former CEO of NTUC income said: "I chose the Muslim charity because the Malay community probably needs more help than the other communities." 

On Tuesday, Tan shared on his Facebook page that he would be selling his campaign posters in the vicinity of Bedok MRT station on Saturday morning. 

The posters, which were hung around the island during his presidential campaign, are going for $10 apiece. 

Supporters can also pay an extra $10 to get his signature on the poster. 

Tan's autographed mini poster and micro poster will be sold at $20. 

Logistical issues

In his message to the media, Tan said that a "malicious person" had allegedly asked members of the public to report him for illegal hawking. 

However, Tan insisted he was not flouting any rules.

"I looked at the definition of hawking. It included the sale of goods, but the peddler had to move from place to place or door to door. I would be staying at a fixed place [sic]," he countered. 

He added that he has also tried to apply for a temporary permit to sell his campaign posters but was unable to find the appropriate form on the police's website. 

"I wrote to the Elections Department to ask if I needed a permit to see the election posters. They have not replied to me yet," he said. 

George Goh holds charity sale for campaign material 

Tan isn't the only presidential hopeful to hawk his leftover campaign material. 

Entrepreneur George Goh, who did not receive a certificate of eligibility for the elections, held a charity sale in late August for his campaign items, which included T-shirts, flags, banners, posters and badges. 

All the items were sold to members of the public on a pay as you wish basis, with proceeds going towards Secondmeal, a non-profit organisation which helps those in need afford meals at hawker centres.

Goh's charity sale managed to raise a total of $8,606.61. 

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