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Can or not? Driver in Yishun moves injured cyclist after knocking him off bicycle

There's a traffic accident and the victim lies motionless on the road — do you move them away from traffic, or leave them be?

This driver decided on the former, moving a cyclist to the side of the road after colliding with him along Yishun Street 81 on Tuesday (Sept 5) evening.

In a video shared by SG Road Vigilante on Friday, the cyclist can be seen crossing a lane divider, going against the flow of traffic.

As he passed by a carpark, a sedan turned out of it, ramming into the cyclist and sending both the cyclist and his bicycle tumbling.

The driver didn't stop immediately and also appeared to have run over the cyclist's foot.

As the cyclist remained motionless on the road, the driver got out of his car and walked over to the cyclist, grabbing and lifting the apparently unconscious man and dragging him to the side of the road.


Netizens expressed concern at this, with some feeling that the driver made a mistake in moving the cyclist.

"Should not touch or drag the casualty when such an accident happens," a Facebook user said.

Another netizen chided: "Two wrongs never make a right."

They were also divided on whether the cyclist had his share of the blame in the matter, however.

"Cyclist riding against traffic direction can be charged, regardless of whether the car is [in the] right or wrong," said one. 

According to the Road Traffic Act, a person must not ride a bicycle, power-assisted bicycle, trishaw or tricycle on a road against the flow of traffic.

Another netizen disagreed: "The cyclist wasn't driving against traffic, he was turning right into the road where the driver was exiting.

"However, seeing the car driving towards him, he had to turn away, which made him [travel] straight, against the traffic."

Responding to queries by AsiaOne, the police stated that they were alerted to an accident involving a car and a bicycle along Yishun Street 81 at about 7.16pm that evening.

"A 69-year-old male cyclist was conveyed conscious to the hospital. A 50-year-old male driver is assisting with investigations," the spokesperson said. Police investigations are ongoing.

The Singapore Civil Defence Force added that a person was conveyed to Khoo Teck Puat Hospital.

The general rule of thumb is that after an accident, bodies and vehicles should not be moved while awaiting professional medical attention, according to the General Insurance Association.

Parties involved in the accident should also contact the police if the incident involves fatalities, pedestrians or cyclists, hit-and-run cases, injuries where the victim had to be taken to the hospital, damage to government property or foreign vehicles.


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