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The Power of Now

By Dr Rajagopal Soondron

Some scientists have postulated that the present lasts only for a few seconds – because soon we would be moving into another ‘present’ – seconds ahead of us; we, the biological thinking machine, seem to be the interface between those time tyrants. It’s as if psychological time has become enmeshed into our mind, equating most of our thinking processes with the past and the future, thereby enslaving our self with a very restless, slippery mind and thoughts.

How we remember those days when we would put on our canvas shoes and surreptitiously run away from home to join our buddies for a football match, happily forgetting every problem of this world. Similarly, how we saw our uncle enthusiastically picking up his tackle and fishing line to meet his friends for a fishing party; or can we forget those youngsters who would prepare their outing for a Saturday night dancing party?

All those players, fishermen and dancers had something in common: they were out to give a total miss to their past and future with utmost enthusiasm. The respite from ongoing time is tremendous –for we always rave to indulge in these absorbing activities as often as possible – much to the concern and scorn of the elder, wiser philosophical generation. One school of thought believes that it’s the very urge that addicts want to achieve when they get hooked to some addictions– be it alcohol, drugs, gambling or sex; it’s a slippery attempt to delete our painful past and uncertain future so as to dwell in the “Now” as long as possible. Unfortunately, it is just a pipe dream — a hallucination. * Read More… Become a Subscriber

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