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Karma and Humanism

By K.R. Moorateeah

Karma means action and the consequence of actions. Everything that is of the material realm exists because of cause and effect. A cause is a condition, reason for why there is a resultant effect or consequence. It is an invisible force that influences the destiny of a person, a family, a nation or the world. Good karma creates karmic income and bad karma generates karmic debt. Often sufferings are the consequences of karmic debt that one has to pay back. There is a cause for everything that happens – what you sow is what you’ll reap. The pain that you endure now is the effect of your past negative actions, you will also reap the reward for all your good karma or benevolent actions. There is a perfect order in all that happens. Nothing occurs randomly or by coincidence.

When we exhibit a negative force in action, thought or word, that negative energy will come back to us. Every action must have a reaction. When we speak, think or act, we imitate a force that will react accordingly. This returning force may be modified, changed or suspended but most people will not be able to eradicate it. Karma is not a punishment; it is more of a state of nature like magnetism — like attracts like. When a bird is alive, it eats ants; when the bird is dead, ants eat the bird. Time and circumstance can change at any time. Giving away money will not necessarily result in receiving money especially as it depends on the energy behind the gift. If money is offered for the selfish reason of desire to receive, then the karmic energy being sent out is actually selfishness, and it is on that level that the karmic energy will return. Do not devalue or hurt anyone in life, you may be powerful today but remember time is more powerful than you.

The three major laws of karma are the laws of harvest, the law of lag time and the law of multiplier effect. The three laws of karma have an effect on all that you attract in your life, family, people, events, wealth and happiness.

Law of harvest

As you sow, so you reap.

Do unto others what you want others do unto you.

Do not do unto others what you do not want others do unto you.

Rejoice in others’ success. Be compassionate.

Do the best, leave the rest.

Law of lag time

Just as marigold can blossom in a few weeks while a seed of mango takes years to give fruits, in the same way you will reap the fruits of some actions quickly while some other actions can mature after much time and even after many lifetimes.

Law of multiplier effect

Although it takes long to reap the mangoes, after you have sown the seed, you do not get just one but many mangoes which when matured return to you manifold.

When a person is highly enlightened, karma becomes clear to him.

We are all children of the same God. Truth is eternal and nobody’s property. No individual can lay any exclusive claim to it. Truth never comes where lust, fame or gain reside. Whether religion is God-ordained or otherwise, God does not favour one religion over another, but God hears the yearning and the sincere request for help whether they come from the religiously oriented or from the secular population, God knows the plight of humanity and listens to the language of the heart. Also, God does not hear the prayers of those who are arrogant or disrespectful, are not compassionate and intolerant, and show no good qualities of humanism. Humanism like spirituality is about self-realization, a personal journey, not talk, not doctrine, not theories however beautiful they may be. It is being and becoming – not hearing or acknowledging.

Faith should be more behaviour than belief. As long as faith in the concept of the universality of the supreme is a common factor and there is respect for different forms of identification or a form of the supreme with full tolerance for differing views, there is no danger. The moment one asserts that a particular form of the concept of the supreme alone is true, then it leads to intolerance and unavoidable conflict.

Many so-called religious wars have been fought throughout the ages over an interpretation of the same experience. We need to respect each other’s boundaries. You should set a standard for yourself; if you live life according to your own standard and do not let anyone keep you from following your life path, then others will see you as someone they can trust and respect. Do not go by blind faith, only by trial and error can you really learn what is right for you and what is not.

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