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[WATCH] Grech accuses ‘desperate for votes’ government of providing a ‘license to kill’

A ‘license to kill’ was being provided by a government that is willing to do anything, including risking people’s lives, to remain in power, opposition leader Bernard Grech said on Sunday morning.

“This scandal is shameful… they are playing with people’s lives. How can every person involved [in this racket] have a conscience to allow someone to drive on our roads when they know they are dangerous? License to kill,” he said.

WhatsApp exchanges with a Transport Malta official responsible for overseeing driving examinations reveal that former Transport Minister Ian Borg forwarded a list of test candidates who needed special attention to ensure their success.

The conversations indicate that government officials would simply highlight the names of these candidates to Mansueto. Mansueto would then attempt to assign them a "friendly" driving examiner or expedite their driving test.

Speaking on NET TV’s Analiżi, Grech accused the government of having no limits and being ready to do anything possible to stay in government.

However, he questioned how the government and its officials are willing to risk people's lives in such a way.

“How can a public official who has children - if they don't care about other children - move things around for a person to get a license when they know they are not roadworthy, and that this person could kill their children? This is how dangerous the situation is. It is surreal.”

Citing the Times Malta, Grech explained several chats, insisting that the problem was not solely the candidate's, but everyone else's.

"What happened and what is still going on in other sectors is the antithesis of meritocracy. The state of our country is a problem for all of us," Grech said.