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The Confidence Booster 11

Three Keys to leadership Success

Shalom to you

May I salute the leader in you, my leader? I salute the greatness in you and desire to see you scale new heights as a leader. The most powerful leader you will ever meet is with you twenty-four hours a day. May this resonate with your inner man so that you may step up to your glory.

Next Level of Growth

The quest for every forward-thinking leader is always to aspire for the next level of growth. I am fully persuaded that leaders should grow daily and learn every day. I had a great time with the Director of Global Discipleship in Africa Pastor Tongai Mahobele who shared with me three powerful keys to leadership greatness.

The leadership Keys

Leaders should be strong on integrity (character) so that they are not moved by the storms of life. Leadership integrity is what strengthens the morality of leaders and their nobility.  He also submitted that leadership has to be strong in knowledge. The greatest knowledge any leader can have understanding of the sovereign will of God upon humanity. Leaders should therefore excel in leadership, especially in servant leadership. Finally, he submitted that leaders must demonstrate or exhibit high levels of skills and competence in order to excel in what they do.

Setting the record straight

Here are the key things folks, if you are knowledgeable and skilled as a leader you will be good but without character, you can be a puffed-up leader. A puffed-up leader is like an empty vessel that makes the most noise.  But character without competence makes you a slothful leader. Without knowledge, you are a limited thinker who will simply translate into a limited leader. Limited leaders are dangerous because they metamorphosize into national liabilities they are the godfathers of all chaotic establishments. The key to successful leadership is therefore combining character +knowledge +skill.

The Analogy of Disaster

Can you ever imagine yourself going to the hospital for a life-threatening ailment and then you meet a medical doctor in attendance who will say to you I am the surgeon in charge of your operation today? The most important question you would love to hear about the doctor is their level of expertise which qualifies them for such a huge assignment. If they tell you that they have a successful track record in surgical operations, you will be excited to be operated by them. However, should they gullibly tell you that you are the first person he will learn to operate on, the best thing is for you to run for your life. That is exactly how you should feel when an incompetent leader is leading you.

Seek Wisdom and not fame

Wisdom is calling the leader in you to get things done. Your knell of leadership greatness has been calling you for a long. I think it is about time you answer it and take your place among the giants. True leadership will show up in how you conduct yourself and apply yourself. There is always a thin line between understanding and application. You only see it when the job is done. I trust you will know the difference when you see it.

Leadership integrity is still the ultimate key

Many competent leaders have graced the planet earth but they have never escaped the moral root of carnality and decay. They have rued the day they crossed their consciences in order to pursue their love of power at all costs. Leadership without morality is indeed a fallacy. Bill Clinton fell, Jimmy Swaggart fell, as did King Solomon. I hope you shall overcome.

Rise and Excel

It’s time for the leader in you to rise up and excel. Just remember as a leader you can always excel if you choose to. Develop yourself as much as you can to be competent enough. You have what it takes to succeed. However, the choice of your legacy is squarely on your shoulders. Leaders can have either excuses or results. The choice is yours.

The next level is here

Have a great day and week as you rise to conquer. Christ remains the benchmark of leadership excellence. Imitate him and you will never miss a step in your journey of leadership greatness.

The next Level is here, smell the coffee and step up your game.