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Married Albinism against all odds

Many have also been subjected to bullying or victimization as a result of the social stigma associated with being different and looking different, especially in a culture where skin tones are uniformly darker.

Nothing can ever separate two people who have vowed to remain faithful to one another no matter what and are prepared to live that way for the rest of their lives. ‘Mateboho ‘Mabatho Sekoai Tumi, the founder of ‘Mabatho Charity and a pastor by calling (although still working   on   it), relates her experience of being married to a man with albinism, the challenges they faced, and how she overcame them.

‘Mateboho shared her experience with Finite magazine Journalist Mosa Maoeng, saying that her friends had discouraged her from getting married to her spouse because of his skin tone.

Things changed when her friends left their friendship, saying she attracted   persons   with   albinism. It was a little difficult for her to choose between her friends and her then-boyfriend (now husband), but she did so because she thought that true friends always stick together. “At some point, we decided we wanted to marry one another. We decided on getting married without talking to both of our families, but my pastor declared it couldn’t happen because I was a born-again Christian whereas he was not.”