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Lioli walks away with M25 000

By ‘Mamohaila Rampo


Lioli FC was crowned winners of the 5th edition of the Alliance Winter Challenge Tournament, taking home a M25 000.00 prize on Sunday at the Maputsoe DIFA stadium.

Lesotho Correctional Services (LCS) went against Lioli FC in the first games of the semifinals. Both teams butted each other into a goalless end which led to the penalties where Lioli beat LCS 4-3, qualifying for the finals.  Still in the semifinal Matlama FC went up against Linare FC defeating them by 1-0.

In the finals which played on Sunday, the games commenced with Matlama FC playing against Lioli FC, they both acquired a score of 2-2 which directed them to penalties in other to determine the winners, the final score led to Lioli FC scoring 4 -2 through penalties assembling them as the winners of the Alliance winter challenge.

On the losers finals, LCS went up against Linare FC, LCS declared a score of 2-0. In terms of positions, Lioli is at number one tailed by Matlama FC at position two, then LCS at number three, and lastly Linare FC.

Alliance insurance presented the 5th edition of Alliance winter challenge, the aim of this challenge was to help grow football in the country and also to help teams that are sponsored by the insurance company to train and prepare for the new soccer season.

Teams struggle financially at the beginning of the season, so the tournament assists teams with gate takings so that when the season begins they have enough money to sustain their needs. This games also served to prepare Matlama FC for the Confederation of African Football (CAF) championship that will take place in October this year.

Matlama FC Coach, Molebatsi Mothobi said that it was not an easy game but they played well in the semifinal nevertheless Mothobi said them being at position two, is because they played two consecutive matches within a short time, so players did not have enough time to rest forcing them to substitute some players. However, Mothobi said that he is not blaming the substitutes or anyone for their loss but they will rather look into their combination of new players and old ones in the next games.

Despite winning the tournament, Lioli FC Coach Bob Mafoso said that they managed to figure out where they are lacking in this challenge, also new players were able to get enough experience, in preparation with the new season since his was a pre-season. Overall he showed that there is still a lot of work that needs to be done.