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Finding balance between business, politics

By ‘Mamohaila Rampo


In a bid to find balance in the controversy that the venture of business moguls in politics calls for extreme corruption and inequality, this reporter reached out to the Founder of NBN Holdings, Voeswa Tsheka to get her opinion.

Tsheka revealed that she has cut all ties that link her to the well-known company – NBN Holdings. “I believe that my political status might have an influence on the business side because most companies, especially from foreign countries, often have concerns if the business is politically affiliated, therefore it was best for me to resign from NBN Holdings,” she explained.

She, however noted that her venture in politics is to drive her passion for business and partake in Lesotho’s economic development by bringing in ideas from her extensive experience.

As one of the leading women in the business industry Tsheka said she believes she is strong enough to take on this political journey. She said through her 15-years’ experience in business, she has grown a thicker skin and grown immune to other things that women face in the country because the business industry in Lesotho tend to be harsh and hostile to women. She believes that the soft character that most women possess is a gift not a curse because it also attracts and wins at times. However, Tsheka made it clear that as soft as she can be when issues arise, she will face them head on.

She cited a number of incidences in the country, which block the way for many local businesses to prosper. She noted that she wants to be part of “change drivers” in the county and contribute in decision making.

Tsheka will represent Thuathe #26 under Revolution for Prosperity (RFP).