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When Life Becomes A Journey to Nowhere

Carlton Ishmael
By Carlton Ishmael

FROM time immemorial, life has been a complex proposition. From birth until the appointed day, we strive for the best but having no idea of its conclusion. The many people we meet on that journey, the many that cross our path, for better or worse, are all part of the mix. 

We go through the good, the bad and sometimes the ugly. After schooling it’s work, to achieve all the glorious things that life offers.

The state ensures they take part of your earnings, with the promise to afford you a good living after retirement, but also behaves like they hope that you die before that time comes. But that fifty maybe sixty-year wait period can take its toll on you, as education comes at a cost, likewise to obtain a house, to feed yourself, or to have any other material possession — it also comes at a cost.

To have a family, or to climb the social ladder, the system ensures that they too get a part of your earnings. To have fun, to be counted, to get recognition, or status, it all comes at a cost, and before you can check yourself, time has passed and the cost of living has become sky-high and the only hope left is to endure regardless of the circumstances.

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Lurching in the wings are various illnesses, such as cancer, prostate, liver issues and the list goes on… and the little you may have saved or acquired seems to dwindle by the day.

The mistakes of yesterday will forever haunt you, in some cases your dream girl or man, husband or wife, may have left you for varying reasons, the children you spent your lifetime caring for seem to have their own agenda and the promises the state offers, or says it will put in place, never seem to be enough to cover your expenses, or your needs.

What a journey to nowhere, with no certainties, no guarantees, and no assurances. The only thing sure is one day your number will be called and you will be nothing more than a fleeting memory.

So, after all is said and done, all one can do is ride the wave, those who always seem to need more than you do will do all they can to swindle, bamboozle or cheat you, scheme after scheme – it’s all about obtaining more. No one cares about your good deeds, your social contribution, or how committed you were to the cause.

We live in a strange period, a time when no favours are granted and nobody helps or cares a damn. Wars become more frequent, viruses appear from nowhere and tax and the fees and the dues remain consistent.

We can’t fight the times, but being aware of the intrigues of life can sometimes give you comfort. So, live within your means, never bite more than you can chew and take nothing for granted.

This is the world that we inherited. Self-preservation is key and it is you and only you who can determine your survival because at that stage friends drift away, past bosses don’t seem to remember you, some systems offer you no prospects (such as insurances and loan agencies) regardless if you have assets or a good name.

Funny enough, there is no manual to guide you along, so you find yourself having to weather the storm alone — and alone you will go as well.  And all the church will say is ‘Amen’ as they lay you down in your final resting place.