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UWP Saddened By Bonita James Stabbing Death, Calls For Urgent Attention To Domestic Violence – St. Lucia Times

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The opposition United Workers Party (UWP) says it is ‘deeply saddened’ by the recent ‘violent and tragic’ stabbing death of Bonita James in Dennery due to domestic abuse.

“We take this time to offer our deepest condolences to her grieving family and loved ones,” a UWP statement Tuesday said.

“Domestic violence continues to be a grave societal issue that requires urgent attention and action. In the wake of this tragic event, we call upon all members of our communities to join hands and actively contribute to breaking the cycle of domestic violence,” the statement noted.

“By fostering a culture of understanding, empathy, and respect, we can empower individuals to recognize the signs of abuse and to intervene at an early stage, before the situation escalates to irreparable harm,” it explained.

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The UWP urged citizens to unite to create a society where everyone feels safe, respected and free from the fear of domestic abuse.

Thirty-three-year-old Bonita James succumbed after a stabbing incident early Saturday morning.

Her father, Boniface James, disclosed that Bonita was moving on from a toxic relationship with a jealous man who was ‘blocking’ her everywhere she went.

And he advised women in toxic relationships to leave and not return.

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“Run from a sour relationship and don’t come back or you will be in the grave,” James warned.

Bonita, a La Pointe, Dennery resident, was the mother of three young children.

Shortly after her death, police announced that a male suspect was in custody.

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