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Is ‘Death’ Still ‘The Wages of Sin’?

Carlton Ishmael
By Carlton Ishmael

THERE was a time when what we believed in were our guidelines to our way of life. Based on our religious beliefs, we believed and accepted sin as a transgression action that would condemn us and hamper our chances of being one of God’s chosen few. So, we believed that killing was a massive sin, and stealing was a lesser sin, but also seen in a negative light. And at the end of Time, we are to account for all our sins and that would be the deciding factor of whether we go to Heaven or Hell.

In the same way that most parents believed that the more they did good for their children, it would benefit them in their old age and should not worry about being cared for at that stage.

The same psychology or trend of thought existed among voters, that their Government of choice would be concerned about their livelihood or care about their domestic needs.

As it relates to justice, all who dared to do wrong to them or their families would be expected to face justice and it would prevail and the wrongdoers would be made to pay for their transgressions, now have to rethink that concept.

There are several other scenarios, some relate to how employers treat workers, how the rich should take care of the needs of the poor, or how the sacrifices we did to ensure an education would become the road map to success.

A lot also thought — and still believe — that migrating to a First World Country would be the answer to all their survival means. Alas all that conceptional theory and perceived code of living seem to be fictitious. We can find fault and untruths in every segment of the above-mentioned beliefs.

The question of whether due to Sin we will be condemned to a lake of fire to burn for a thousand years and join the Devil and his angels is now questionable. In the same way, many grown parents have come to the realization that children care for only themselves, with no support in their ripe age.

Most persons who have been wronged or seek legal justice have come to the realization that the bottlenecks in the justice system is not favorable or guaranteed satisfaction. Many schoolers have come to realize that despite their qualifications, they are not guaranteed employment.  It is easier if you are politically connected rather than academically equipped.

Those who left their Caribbean Paradise and healthy and comradely societies and cultural practices have all become lonely work horses, but only to enhance the riches of the elites of the first world.

Permit me to also mention the belief in priest and politicians and the result of the outcome of such blind faith. We live in a time when vigilante justice takes preference over the national justice system. Lying, stealing, cheating and bluffing brings more rewards than an upright upbringing and trading in drugs is more rewarding than a lifelong education.

We are yet to understand and accept that the political system is established to enhance the riches of the elites. The promise of a better life after death will be the glory of our commitment to the ideals of the church is very fraud.

So, my question is whether yesterday’s values are still the answer to humanity’s progress, or the action of the wayward is the answer to success? Is there any wrong in killing another, for personal or individual gain? Is doing bad more beneficial than doing good? Has the word ‘sin’ put in the bible to suppress action of a particular type?

All I have said I consider to be food for your and our thoughts, because it seems all successful persons have a crocked streak.