Saint Lucia
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Innovative Reading Event in Anse La Raye

Participants at the innovative Anse La Raye ‘Reading Carnival’ event
Participants at the innovative Anse La Raye ‘Reading Carnival’ event

AS part of this year’s carnival celebrations – students and teachers from the Anse La Raye Infant School took to the streets to display an innovative ‘Reading Carnival’ event.

The eager participants were adorned in full costumes demonstrating that learning does not only happen within the walls of the school. The trawling event was well received by parents and community members.

This reading street parade, reimagined education and literacy in a different space. Principal at the school, Albert Joseph endorsed the event and the innovativeness of the teaching staff in making learning fun.

“What we are doing here we are bringing books to life. So it’s not about reading about characters in books but now they are actually here bringing those imaginary characters to life,” he declared.

“We have five books that are being presented today, these are the sections and of course, the parents have gone all out to really make it a special day for the students,” added Joseph.

Respective students and teachers expressed their view on this innovative carnival event.

“My character is Turkey Lurky.” (Student from Anse La Raye)

“My character is Tinker Bell and I feel happy.” (Student from Anse La Raye)

The cute factor was on full display with students enjoying a carnival atmosphere much to the delight of onlookers from the Anse La Raye Community.

“The story is about Cinderella at the Ball.”  (Student from Anse La Raye)

“I feel excited and wonderful because this activity we’re having right now; it feels so amazing.” (Student from Anse La Raye)

“It’s not just for fun but there is a learning aspect to it which is what education in essence should be.” (Kate Popo, Literacy Coordinator, Anse La Raye Infant School)

Popo said the activity lends itself to the current carnival season in Saint Lucia, while reinforcing in the minds of students that everything can be used as a learning opportunity.

“So literacy should not just be kept within the four walls of the classroom and this year the reading month theme lends itself to taking reading and literacy out of the classroom,” she added. “So the staff here, our team, each class selected a book and we decided to get the students into costumes portraying the book. What we have here … is a parade encouraging the community to read, to take literacy out of the classroom, and engage in reading online, reading newspapers, and just reading generally.

“After this parade, we will get class presentations. Each class will present the book. So we have a fun day. A day filled with excitement for the students, I myself, I am really happy that we are doing this and I look forward to more activities such as this one.”

Grade Two Teacher at the Anse La Raye Infant School, Martina Raphael Poleon, encouraged members of the community to support the reading pageant on June 30th.

“We want to bring back the togetherness, the love, the attention, the affection because it takes a village to raise a child. So we have activities like this to bring the community back together,” she said.

The reading carnival was supported by the pewees, senior students, and adults of the community.

“They just had a reading carnival for reading month which was amazing! I think it’s a great initiative that they’re doing to get the community involved, the students onboard and the parents, thank you for your support, and continue to do the great work that you’re doing.” (Catherine, Supporter of the Reading Carnival)

“I witnessed some great activity out there. It’s nice to see that kids are promoting reading month. It’s something good for the community and I hope that the message was well taken and I think that it’s going to be something good for the future.” (Catherine, Supporter of the Reading Carnival)

“There are many innovative ideas that have already come to mind for next year and I am very grateful for the teachers, the staff of course and off course the Literacy Coordinator who has made this come to life and made it a wonderful success today.” (Albert Joseph, Principal)

“Reading is fun!” (Students at the Reading Carnival).