Saint Lucia
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A government in space

IN light of the failures of the SLP administration, the UWP has been able to consolidate the upper hand by bringing their supporters back in droves.  The UWP were able to raise the spirits of their party at their convention in Soufriere together with a public meeting thereafter which saw hundreds descend in the town of Soufriere.  Last Saturday the party witnessed some three thousand supporters descend on the Vieux Fort area in a show of force and camaraderie.  Supporters from all over lent a helping hand to make this encounter one of the most memorable occasions ever.  Some staunch supporters remained in awe as they entered an air-conditioned tent decorated to the tee, but the exciting part was the display of over three hundred door prizes beautifully displayed for their bingo games.

So well organized was the show, that after three thousand persons were fed there was sufficient left to assist the vulnerable.  Many supporters made reference to the enthusiasm of the attendees when Sir John won the elections in 2011 after a decimated loss under Dr Vaughn Lewis.  This has been the pattern of the SLP after being handed such victories.  Their campaign slogan is seldom followed by any form of success in running a government and this time around, the repetition is there for everyone to witness.

After two years in power there has been little signs of progress other than an ongoing mockery at the House of Parliament by a speaker who has lost his way, a PM who spends his time reminding himself of a victory he wishes to support, to the extent that he is now preparing his two-year victory party in Micoud South as opposed to his Castries East Constituency.  A tourism minister who is obsessed with ensuing that Jazz and Carnival take center stage and completely ignores the importance of maintaining the desired flights to St Lucia.  Presently, flights from seven destinations have been withdrawn leaving a massive gap in tourism arrivals.

Another interesting turn around has been the comments by Mr Noorani the SLHTA boss and independent Senator advising the nation that governments have done little to address crime and this failure is impacting heavily on the industry and by extension the nation.  Finally, one of the most important social bodies have openly voiced their concern and with great expectations in mind we trust that the Chamber of Commerce and Bar Association who have been decidedly silent will take a page out of Mr Noorani’s book.  On a recent talk show there has been great concern regarding the absence of Dr Anthony only to learn that the PM has confirmed that the MP for Vieux Fort South has gone abroad to look into the Haitian debacle when in fact there is a debacle at Vieux Fort South which remains unattended.