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Redington CEO Viswanath Pallasena on emerging technologies and new frontiers

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Redington CEO Viswanath Pallasena on emerging technologies and new frontiers

Thursday May 18 2023

Can you share with us Redington's role and contribution to the technology industry, and how the company has evolved over the years in this space?

Redington collaborates with global technology brands whose products we use on a daily basis, whether at home or at business.

Innovation in tech is happening at a very rapid rate, however, the rate of adoption has its own pace and rate impeded by several factors.

At Redington, we refer to this lag between the introduction of new technology and its adoption as technology friction. Redington strives to reduce this ‘technology friction’. We take every step in the value chain to help our customers adopt technology more quickly.

We have a presence in more than 18 countries across the Middle East and Africa where we support the adoption of technology through our network of channel partners. Over the past 20 years, we have evolved from a single product distributor to an enabler of delivering cutting-edge technology to the MEA region. 

 As Redington operates in various markets, including growing ones like Kenya and East Africa, what is your outlook on technology adoption in these regions, and how is the company addressing the unique challenges and opportunities in these markets?

 Technology holds immense potential in unlocking the capabilities of businesses and communities. The prospects for technology adoption in fact leapfrogging several generations in Kenya and East Africa appear promising.

This is being driven by a multitude of factors such as enhanced mobile connectivity, supportive government initiatives, an expanding technology ecosystem and burgeoning tech talent.

Innovation hubs, advancements in fintech and mobile money, potential for the adoption of clean energy technologies, and skill development for digital economy participation are some areas where Redington can contribute to local ecosystems by providing the necessary technology. 

 What are the emerging technologies that are expected to be in high demand in the future? 

 As Kenya and East Africa progress, numerous emerging technologies are predicted to be sought-after in the region. Renewable energy and clean technologies, alongside AI and ML, carry the potential to bring about substantial transformations in a variety of sectors.

Additionally, IoT is poised to enhance efficiency and productivity across an array of industries in the region.

Furthermore, cloud computing is expected to play a crucial role in enabling businesses to scale and innovate, while reducing infrastructure costs and fostering collaboration among organizations in East Africa.

 Looking ahead, what is your message to Redington's employees and customers regarding the company's future plans, vision, and how it intends to stay competitive and innovative in the ever-evolving technology landscape?

Technology, innovation, and partnerships are the strengths of Redington. We have adopted a ‘Digital First’ model for our business which will help us bring new technologies faster to market and empower our channel partners to service their customers better.

At the same time, we are focusing on talent development and enhancing the employee experience to establish ourselves as the region's most admired workplace.