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Meet Author Stephen Kamore: I Quit Teaching To Write Parenting Books

Stephen Kamore was a high school teacher who decided to quit the blackboard for the paper. He has authored several parenting books where he teaches parents self-awareness for a better understanding of their children.

Kamore spoke to Arts&Lounge/Standard.

Tell us about your background and why you decided to resign from your government job to write books

Yes, I used to be a teacher, and throughout my career, I have always been observant and passionate about research. I strived to uncover the emerging issues that challenge our society, ranging from family dynamics and careers to politics, education, and religion. These pressing concerns require daily attention. Reflecting on how I could make a difference and transform our society, I realised that conducting research and sharing knowledge would be a powerful approach. I believed that translating this knowledge into books would be an effective way to reach out to the community. I made the decision to resign from my teaching job and dedicate myself to researching, developing programmes, and addressing challenges prevalent in contemporary society.

What led you to focus on books related to parenting, and what expertise do you have in this area?

Apart from my experience as a parent and teacher, I pursued counselling psychology up to the master’s level after resigning. This additional training equipped me with the specific knowledge and skills required to write books on family and parenting. I firmly believe that knowledge is power, and when shared, it multiplies that power.

Can you tell us about some of the books you have written so far?

Certainly! I have written several books. “Keeping Your Dreams Afloat” is a two-volume series that explores the art of parenting.

It aims to help parents understand themselves better through self-awareness. By delving into their personalities, qualities, and parenting approaches, parents can positively influence the children they raise. This book also addresses the issue of discipline, challenging the misconception that discipline is solely about punishment. Additionally, I have authored “The Pillars of Faithful Christian Living,” which provides guidance on living a faithful Christian life. “School Wide Discipline” serves as a comprehensive guide for teachers, parents, and other education stakeholders seeking to establish effective discipline practices in schools.

How do you publish your books?

I decided to become a self-publisher to have more control over the publication process. Collaborating with independent parties for publication proved to be costly and offered limited returns. Therefore, I established my own publishing firm, the Counseling Research Institute, and use my own resources to fund the publication process.

What does being an author of your calibre entail?

Being an author of my calibre requires a great deal of dedication and sacrifice. I often find myself waking up at 3 am to begin writing a book. The process of writing is not easy, especially when you are passionate about reaching out to the community. Balancing my role as a family person and other responsibilities makes it challenging to find uninterrupted time. Thus, waking up early in the morning has become a necessity to fulfill my writing duties.

How do you market and distribute your books?

Marketing has been a significant challenge for me. While I excel at writing books and counselling, marketing requires different skills that I struggle with. Ideally, I would benefit from a partnership with someone who could help me professionally promote these books through online and digital platforms.

Currently, I organise professional programmes in schools, parent meetings, and teacher training sessions to spread awareness about my books. Attending youth programmes in churches and colleges also grants me the opportunity to motivate and teach, which indirectly promotes my books. I have also collaborated with bookshops that help sell my books.

Those who are far away, can contact me online, make the necessary payment, and I will send the books as parcels. Although I am considering an online marketing platform in the future, my primary means of promotion currently revolve around social media. You can find me on various platforms, such as Stephen Kamore on Instagram and YouTube, where you will find a wealth of information related to my works and book content.

Do you have a team that supports you?

Not yet, for now, I work alone. However, I am actively seeking individuals who can assist me in the publishing process. Producing a book can be quite expensive, with an average cost of Sh300,000 per book.

Overall, my journey as an author has been a testament to dedication and sacrifice. Despite the challenges, I remain committed to my goal of reaching out to the community and making a positive impact through my books.

I firmly believe that by sharing knowledge and addressing emerging issues, we can transform our society for the better. With the support of a dedicated team and effective marketing strategies, I hope to reach an even wider audience and continue making a difference through my writing.