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Mitrelli pledges technology training for one million people in Africa over the next decade

Photo: Fabio Blaser - Ya'ara Hames-Ezra Deputy Head of Media Operations N10S, Israel - Yaron Tchwella-CEO-Mitrelli Group

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At Africa Business Day Conference in Switzerland, Mitrelli CEO Yaron Tchwella calls for focus on ESG, and swift action to address challenges faced by Africa.

Baden, Switzerland, June 22, 2023 – The Swiss Mitrelli Group, which develops and implements innovative holistic infrastructure solutions and services, participated in the Africa Business Day conference on Tuesday, June 20, organized by the Swiss-African Business Circle. At the conference, which focused on Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG), Mitrelli’s CEO, Yaron Tchwella, delivered a keynote speech highlighting the significance of Africa’s potential, the exponentially growing population, and the need for immediate action.

The conference is the largest annual platform in Switzerland for doing business in and with Africa, bringing together around 400 participants representing a variety of sectors from more than 30 countries.

During his keynote address, Tchwella stated, “Africa is the future, and we should act now, together. In just a few decades, Africa will be home to over 50% of the world’s young population under the age of 15.” He emphasized the need for immediate action given Africa’s exponential population growth and the aspirations of its young population for a better life. “We have set important targets for the next decade, to develop and implement innovation combined with advanced technological infrastructures to address the challenges of the rising population – creating new jobs and securing economic growth and social stability.”

Tchwella highlighted the importance of innovation, technology, and ESG principles in shaping Africa’s trajectory. He presented examples of Mitrelli’s projects, such as the establishment of complete urban communities in Angola, where instead of focusing on only one aspect of development, to establish complete urban programs by developing local communities that can lead their nations and secure sustainable growth.

Tchwella concluded by highlighting Mitrelli’s commitment and call for Swiss companies, academia, and African partners to collaborate – not only to promote innovation and address challenges in education, healthcare, and food security, with the training of a million new tech engineers, but also to implement enhanced and novel innovative business and financial models to expedite project timelines.

Tchwella invited attendees to continue the dialogue and explore collaboration opportunities during the event. He highlighted Mitrelli’s role as a bridge between Africa’s market needs and developing innovative solutions, working alongside African leaders and the global community to unlock Africa’s immense potential.

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