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Local healer in Deling, Phuentshogling treats illnesses free of charge

In Bhutan, where seeking alternative healthcare options is prevalent, local healers hold a significant place in the hearts of the people. While traditional medicine hospitals remain popular, the expertise of these local healers often garners attention. One such healer, a 60-year-old man from Deling in Phuentshogling, has gained recognition for his ability to treat a diverse range of ailments, extending beyond joint dislocations. Our correspondent, Kinley Dem, recently visited Deling to witness the healing methods of this local healer.

Lal Bdr. Ghalley is well-known for helping people with different illnesses like jaundice, throat pain, wounds, fractures, and dislocated joints.

Lal Bdr. uses locally grown plant roots, branches, and leaves to create medicine for treating these illnesses.

“Many people come to me seeking for treatment. Some call me later that the treatment has helped. It was during the lockdown when two people from Dagana came here to see me with a leg fracture. They told me that the doctors here told them to go to Thimphu taking their own risk. So, they came here and I attended them. They later called me saying that the treatment has helped.”

Lal Bdr. Ghalley said that many people come to him for treatment, and sometimes they even bring him along to visit patients at their homes.

According to Lal Bdr., he learned these techniques by himself, although a friend from Gelephu taught him how to fix dislocated joints.

People who have sought his treatment have reported significant improvements and express deep appreciation for the positive effects Lal Bdr.’s interventions have had on their health.

“My parents told me that I suffered from severe jaundice. It was around 1998. They told me that I turned pale and peed yellowish urine. They then took me to him and he treated me,” said Purna Bdr. Ghalley, a resident.

“Lal Bdr. treats bone fractures, dislocated joints, and wounds. He has treated many people. I also fractured my leg and am currently getting treatment from him. My leg is getting better now. Sometimes, he can do what the hospital cannot. So, people trust him,” said Ganesh, another resident.

Lal Bdr. is driven by love and passion when providing his treatments, and because of this, he does not charge any money from people who come to him for help.

However, the Phuentshogling Gewog Administration advises people to consult doctors and health professionals for medical advice.

Kinley Dem, Chhukha

Edited by Sherub Dorji